Okay, I Might Be Interested. Tell Me More!

We understand that getting a new website can be a huge burden for many firms. That burden comes down to two things:

  1. How much does it cost my firm?
  2. How much time will it require of my firm?

The truth is, corporate attorneys don’t need all the bells and whistles. We charge $1,750 for a solo-practitioner or 3,000 for a small firm. Most of the information we need is probably already on your website. All we really need from you is…

  • Complete a short 5-10 minute questionnaire so we know your design preferences.
  • Email us your logo, photography, and any other media to use.
  • Supply us the Usernames and Passwords to your website so that we can install the new design.

If the content is not up to date on your current website, you can provide us new content. For an extra $250, one of our writers will call and interview you at your convenience. We will then write up to 1,000 words to be included in the new design.

The homepage design and programming are out-of-date and do not effectively promote the firm’s brand or message. When comparing different law firms, a potential client will gravitate toward the option that feels genuine and facilitates an initial connection with the attorney.


The photo on the homepage appears grainy and outdated. The attorney bio should serve to build confidence by reflecting the attorney’s professional value.


The site does not have a designated section for your practice areas.

From there we design your website, setup a call for the big reveal, and upon your approval, launch the new website. Ta-da! Within weeks there is a new ‘online you.’

Ready to start? Great, contact us through phone or email to start the process.

Still not convinced!!! Here are a few more details:

  • Our lead designer has been creating websites for attorneys for almost two decades.
  • We design our websites on WordPress. This ensures your firm retains maximum control, ownership, and flexibility with the website.
  • Other agencies outsource their designs to us. (We’re pretty good.)
    • Don’t believe us, check out our portfolio.
  • We are family-owned, much like many of our clients.

Law Firm Design Pricing










Other Fees

A single page website meant to act as an online business card.

If you like flying solo and prefer to keep things simple, this is for you. It is a single page layout for easy navigation.

A multi-page website that includes designing the homepage plus two additional layouts.

For firms with more than one attorney, a single page website may not contain enough information for Google to rank your website for each of your attorney’s names. Not good. This option includes a homepage design and an inner page design. We also include one round of revisions.

A highly custom, multi-page website that includes designing the homepage plus three additional layouts.

Some firms want their website to be more than just a business card. If any of the below is true, this price point would be appropriate for you: 10+ Pages Of Content * 10-25 Attorneys * Need An Interactive Website * Intricate Design Requirements

A hand-crafted, bespoke website.

Do you like the best of everything? This option is a fully bespoke website. We custom program every line of code, which ensures there are no other websites like yours.

Additional services may be required which will be discussed during our initial consultation.

Services that are frequently purchased with website design include content writing, content migration, logo design, WordPress training, or on-going marketing.

Custom-Crafted Website Design

Beyond Pretty. Websites that Work Hard for Your Law Firm.