Beware the Zombie Law Firm Websites!

October 10th, 2015 by Adam Draper   |   Posted in Design & UX

Have you noticed lately that it seems all lawyer websites are looking the same? All 100% wide, each with a cascading set of sections on the homepage? Must be popular, right? Must work better, right? That’s why everyone is flocking to this layout. Well, not so fast…

Standing Out From the Crowd

Picture this – you’re in a room filled with competing attorneys and a client walks in. What would you do to make yourself stand out? How would you try to grab their attention? If everyone in the room is saying the same thing, in the same way, then how could anyone stand out? This scenario sums up the role of your website, and your overall web presence, in reaching clients for your law firm on the Internet.

Even if your primary source of business is word of mouth, there’s a good chance that a potential client will check your website before they call, if only to grab your phone number. The truth is that your site is the frontline of your brand, and it’s often the first impression that you’ll make on a client.

Why is there a Zombie Law Firm Outbreak?

Design Zombies
Many web designers have an appealing template that they’ll use to set up your site. You’ll fill in the blanks and – Voila! – your website is born. The only problem is that so many other attorneys did the exact same thing, and now your site is a carbon copy of your competitor’s site. Don’t you wonder why these design decisions were made in the first place — was there some sort of data behind these decisions or was it simply convenient for a designer?

Your law firm isn’t like every other law firm. I imagine your office has different furniture. You don’t text your attorney – friend to ask what they’re wearing and try to match them… why would you take that approach with your law firm’s web design?

Custom-Crafted Design Tips

  • Invest in quality, professional custom photography that goes beyond simple headshots.
  • Think like a client… what questions do they want answered? Build that into the design, not just your content.
  • Quit trying to mimic other firms.
  • Start your design by telling a story… your story and/or a client’s story.
  • Let the character and culture of your firm guide the design (Aggressive? Empathetic? Driven? Methodical? Detailed? Loyal?)

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It doesn’t have to be this way!

You have a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd with your firm’s website. With the number of people who use the Internet to find services, it’s fair to say that today’s website is yesterday’s Yellow Pages, business cards and television ads all rolled into one. To have a generic website out there representing your firm is a sure-fire way to be overlooked.

The good news is that you don’t have to run out and become an expert in coding or web design to create a great website for your law firm. You simply have to know who to trust with this important project. Gladiator Law Marketing will customize your site — meaning no carbon copies, or reliance on templates. We offer your firm a voice that will stand out from all the others that are vying for attention on the Internet. Let us help you put your best foot forward and slay the zombies.

Contact us online or give us a call at 1(888)683-3212 to learn more about getting the best web design for your law firm.