12 More Ways to Market Your Law Firm

January 17th, 2019 by Gladiator Law Marketing   |   Posted in Web Marketing

Okay, you’re off to a good start.  It’s January and a New Year.  Your resolution is to be consistent and intentional about marketing your law firm this year.  Being proactive is the key to securing more clients.  Here are some additional tips from the American Bar Association that will enable you to simply and cost-effectively market your firm to your target audience.

Let’s get going!

1.) You don’t need to hand a business card to everyone you meet at a reception if it feels forced and desperate. Instead, get other people’s cards, and email your contact information afterward. There’s a better chance they will remember you.

2.) Providing you label it “attorney advertising,” personal injury lawyers may send ad letters to accident victims. And arrest reports can offer good leads for criminal defense lawyers. Family law attorneys may send advertising letters to pro se defendants in divorce cases, determining who to contact based on parties’ ZIP codes.

3.) If you hope to be hired for an appeal, read all the briefs as well as related cases, and figure out the case’s arguments. Be prepared to speak with the party about the case—without notes—for one hour.

4.) Posting tweets between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern time gets the highest click rate, according to Mashable. You can schedule tweets to be posted by services like HootSuite. But be careful if you have work during those scheduled times. You don’t want a client to think you are tweeting while you’re defending a deposition.

5.) Criminal defense lawyers: If an attorney in a different practice area has been a great referral source and their kid gets into trouble, think about handling the case for free.

6.) People sometimes need to be convinced that their legal problem is severe enough to hire you, and it’s up to you to persuade them. That said, turning someone away when they really don’t need a lawyer is good for business, too. It’s a good way to build trust.

7.) Attend bar association events. Lawyers refer cases only to people they know; and if they don’t see you, they won’t think of you.

8.) Install Google Analytics on your website. It details what search terms got people to your site and how long they stayed there. You can also use it to determine popular search terms and put the terms that relate to your practice on your website.

9.) Volunteer with various legal and community groups. Do the volunteer work to the best of your ability, even if you don’t like it.  People notice.

10.) End a conversation with someone at a networking event after you finish a statement, rather than when they finish one – otherwise they may think you’re cutting them off.

11.) The best elevator speech? “Hi, I’m a lawyer. What do you do?”  People like to talk about themselves, and they’ll be charmed that you asked.

12.) Speak at a continuing legal education seminar only when you think it’s an interesting one that will be well-attended.  Time is money.  Be selective.

This is your next assignment in your ongoing marketing efforts: Pick three of the items above and try them out this month.  Action is what gets results.  You can do it!  After all, the ABA knows what it’s talking about, and these are their recommendations.  They’ve done the research so you can reap the rewards. Go get ‘em!