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Lawyer Web Conferences

How To Network at Legal Marketing Conferences in 2024

It’s always a great idea for attorneys to get out there and network with peers and industry leaders to learn more about legal marketing trends, technology, and social media platforms that can impact your law firm’s lead generation and conversion rates. Now more than ever, with the meteoric rise of AI...

Law Firm Marketing Calendar

How to Plan Now for a Year-End Law Firm Giveaway

Providing top-notch professional and competent legal service is essential for the success of every law firm, but to get the word out and increase your client base, you’ve got to do some marketing as well. There are many law firms out there, and the goal is to get current and potential clients to notice and feel good about your company.  That way, when the need for legal services arises, there’s a strong chance they’ll recognize your brand and turn to you for help. Law firm gi...


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