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List of Awards for Lawyers

May 9, 2022   |   Written by Rachel Reynolds
Lawyers Awards gavel of justice Attorney awards are plentiful, though sometimes misleading to the general public. Some awards carry outstanding prestige and even financial stipends, while others are just an easy way to toot your own horn. So, beware. With increasing competition, law firms are looking for ways to differentiate themselves while still staying within the bar rules. Most awards that you have heard of are, in fact, paid advertisements rather than something that was earned, with a few exceptions. The more obscure awards that were actually earned are known only to the attorneys belonging to a particular bar association who paid attention during the annual convention’s dinner. With that being said, we are an SEO agency, and our job is to increase Google rankings for our clients. Even the “unearned” awards play a factor in rankings, for better or worse. We have compiled the following list of awards. Be cautious when utilizing these awards in your marketing, as many bar associations are beginning to issue warnings and reminders about attorney advertising.

Most Recognizable Awards for Attorneys

  • Best Lawyers
    This is one of our favorite awards to suggest to clients because it has a good balance between cost and value. The benefit is that you get an icon that can be used on your website and a link back to your website, which can help with SEO.
  • SuperLawyers
    This award system is owned by FindLaw and Thompson Reuters. Not only is SuperLawyers an award that can be placed on your website along with a link to your website, but it is also a well-kept directory that frequently ranks in the search engines. This is one of the most expensive awards to purchase, if not the most. According to SuperLawyers, this award represents only 5% of attorneys in each state.
  • Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings
    At one point in time, this was considered the gold standard in attorney ratings. The problem is that the public doesn’t know what it means to have this rating. Out of all the awards, this is probably the most meaningful because of the effort placed in attaining the rating. You can’t just buy it, though it does cost money.
  • AVVO Rating
    Another main rating that you will see used is the AVVO rating, which is a composite score. You can learn more by clicking the link above.

Awards from the American Bar Association (ABA)


  • Samuel L. Smith Award
    • Highest honor bestowed by the ABA Law Practice Division
    • Outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of law practice management
  • Martha Fay Africa Golden Hammer Award (The Golden Hammer)
    • Recognizes the work of individuals/entities that help promote women and diverse attorneys in the division, the ABA, and the profession
  • Robert P. Wilkins Award
    • Acknowledges excellence in the division’s periodical publications: Law Practice, Law Practice Today, and Law Technology Today
    • 3 Categories:
      • Overall Achievement in Division Publications – excelled beyond the standard obligations and contributed significantly through innovation and creativity to the division’s publications
      • Best Feature Article
      • Best Column
  • James I. Keane Award
    • Recognizes law offices that developed legal service innovations delivered over the internet
    • Innovative delivery of personal legal services
  • Law Practice Division Fellowship Program
    • Provides a chance to make lasting connections with industry thought leaders in the business of practicing law.


  • John H. Pickering Achievement Award
    • “Recognizes brilliant legal work, advocacy of pro bono service, dedication to the cause of equal justice for all, and promotion of the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the law”
  • Robert W. Meserve Award
    • National recognition for a senior lawyer
    • Broad range of high achievement / innovation / vision / leadership and legal service to Senior Lawyers Division
    • Named after first Chair of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division.


  • Charles R. English Award
    • For judges/prosecutors/defense bar/academics
    • Distinguished work in the field of CJ
  • Frank Carrington Crime Victim Attorney Award
    • Awarded to attorneys/legal service providers/organizations
    • Directly represented specific victims in court
    • Or, who worked to promote/implement policies to improve the treatment of crime victims in CJ system
  • Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award
    • Awarded to active member of bar who devotes a significant portion of his/her legal practice to youth and children
  • Norm Maleng Minister of Justice Award
    • Bestowed on a prosecutor who embodies the principles enunciated in the ABA standards for CJ, Prosecution, function, particularly that “the Duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely convict.”
  • Raeder-Taslitz Award
    • Given to a law professor
    • Significant contribution to promoting public understanding of CJ, justice and fairness in CJ system or best practices on the part of lawyers and judges.


  • Elizabeth Clark Young Lawyers Fellowship
    • Awarded to young lawyers whose past efforts and accomplishments show great promise for excellence in the practice of public law
  • Jefferson B. Fordham Awards
    • In honor of first Chair in 1949
    • 4 Categories:
      • Lifetime Achievement – outstanding contributions to the practice of state/local government law by individual over an entire career
      • Advocacy – outstanding legal advocacy in the area of state/local government law
      • Up & Comers – young practitioners (36 and under) showing great promise
      • Law Office Accomplishment – sustained outstanding performance or specific accomplishment by state / local government law office.


  • Difference Maker
    • Honors an individual attorney or non-attorney
    • Made a difference in the local community
    • And who lives in the local geographic area where the division is meeting
  • Making a Difference through Pro Bono Work Award
    • Honors attorney / law firm / corporate legal department / government attorney office / institution
    • Outstanding commitment to volunteer legal services for the poor and disadvantaged
  • Making a Difference by Breaking Barriers
    • Honors attorney, living or deceased
    • Broke barriers for gender/disabilities/sexual orientation
  • Making a Difference through Service to the Profession
    • Honors an attorney, living or deceased
    • Significant contribution to the profession (frequent activities in bar associations, committees and services)
  • Making a Difference through Community Service
    • Honors attorney living or deceased
    • Significant lifetime contribution to the local community through community service (not necessarily through pro bono work).


  • On the Rise Award – Top 40 Young Lawyers
    • Top 40 ABA young lawyers who exemplify broad range of high achievement
  • Outstanding Young Military Service Lawyer Award
    • Recognizes dedication/excellence of young military attorneys in each of the five uniformed services
  • YLD Scholarship Program
    • Provides partial conference funding and opportunity to become more involved in division for Minority, Solo/Small Firm, Government, Private Sector, and Military Service Attorneys.
  • Law Day Art Contest
    • Gives students the opportunity to express their ideas about the Law Day theme and achieve recognition for their work
  • Embracing Diversity Challenge
    • Recognizes and awards top young lawyer organizations and law student programs that increase diversity in the pipeline to the legal profession
  • YLD Subgrant Program
    • Provides funding for activities that benefit local communities / leaders or members
  • Rosner & Rosner Young Lawyer Professionalism Award
    • Recognizes and encourages young lawyers who are dedicated to lawyer professionalism
    • Honors young lawyer commitment to legal and judicial ethics, lawyer professionalism, client protection and professional regulation
  • John J. Curtin Fellowship
    • Pays a $3,500 stipend to three law students who spend the summer months working for a bar association or legal services program designed to prevent homelessness or assist homeless or indigent clients or their advocates.
  • Law Student Program of the Year
    • Given in recognition of the best student-organized educational program or public service project of the year focusing on issues in the field of environmental, energy, or natural resources law
  • Emerging Young Lawyers in Healthcare Award
    • For young lawyer Section members who exemplify a broad range of achievement, vision, leadership, and legal and community service in health law
  • New/Young Labor & Employment Lawyer Award
    • Recognizes up to two individuals new/young lawyers in the Section of Labor and Employment Law
  • Jefferson B. Fordham Awards
    • Honors the accomplishments of practitioners and institutions active in the varied areas of practice associated with state, local, regional and tribal government law
  • State & Local Government Student Awards
    • For academic excellence achieved in a course completed in Land Use Law or Local Government Law
  • Janet D. Steiger Fellowship
    • Eight- to ten-week paid Fellowship provides law students an opportunity to work in the consumer protection and antitrust departments of state and territorial offices of Attorneys General throughout the United States
  • Gelhorn-Sargentich Law Student Essay Award Competition
    • Encourages law students to become involved in the administrative law practice fields, and to encourage scholarship in these fields by awarding $5,000
Note: This is not an exhaustive list of ABA awards and fellowships for young people. Click on link above to see additional awards and programs.


  • Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essay Contest Award
    • Essay that promotes the greatest interest in the field of Family Law
  • Jean Crowe Pro Bono Award
    • Recognizes those who have made a difference by offering services on a pro bono basis
  • Family Law Fellowship Program
    • Open to family attorneys who demonstrate financial need and
      • meet diversity criteria, or
      • work in legal services or non-profit legal organizations whose work centers around providing free or low-cost family legal services to individuals in traditionally underserved diverse communities.

Awards from the American Association for Justice

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Recognizes AAJ member of at least 20 years’ standing
    • Recognizes a distinguished career that has significantly advanced the rights of the wrongfully injured
  • Harry M. Philo Award
    • Recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the civil justice system
    • Advanced the safety and protection of American consumers
  • Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award
    • Recognizes plaintiffs and the attorneys of plaintiff whose cases help tell the story of the American Civil Justice System
  • David S. Shrager President’s Award
    • Recognizes AAJ member who has demonstrated former AAJ President David Shrager’s passion for the law and trial bar
    • Outstanding contribution to civil justice and to the work of AAJ
  • Howard Twiggs Award
    • Recognizes AAJ member of at least 10 years
    • Passion, civility, cordiality, and professionalism reflect the high standards set by Howard Twiggs
    • Howard was a selfless and tireless worker who always put the welfare of his clients and the AAJ ahead of any personal glory.
  • Distinguished Service Award
    • Recognizes members of the AAJ Board of Governors who have been of special assistance to the President of the Association
  • Wiedemann & Wysocki Award
    • Recognizes AAJ members who have made outstanding efforts to support AAJ PAC and advance AAJ’s political priorities
    • Fritz Wiedemann and James Anthony Wysocki are two New Orleans attorneys who died in a plane crash following an assignment for AAJ PAC
  • Certificates of Recognition
    • Recognize outstanding service to AAJ through fundraising, membership, or education
  • Heavy Lifting Award
    • Given to individuals who show exemplary leadership in fundraising
  • Pro Bono Award
    • AAJ members who have gone above and beyond by taking on a case voluntarily as a public service
  • International Trial Lawyer Leadership Award
    • Given to a non-U.S. trial lawyer who has contributed significantly to the development of international relations and exchange of information among plaintiff lawyers
  • AAJ Partnership Award
    • Recognizes someone from state, local or jurisdictional trial lawyer organization who has promoted a spirit of support between AAJ and the affiliated organization, as well as between AAJ and NATLE
    • Whose service to the affiliated organization has strengthened the civil justice system
  • Leonard Ring Champion of Justice
    • AAJ member of at least 10 years
    • Outstanding integrity and overall character have demonstrated Leonard Ring’s devotion to human and civil rights
    • Distinguished service in advancing AAJ’s mission and growth
  • Hall of Fame Award
    • Presented posthumously to AAJ member no sooner than 3 years after his/her death
    • Significant contribution to the civil justice system
    • Integrity / character
    • the Stalwarts Committee votes upon and forwards the names of prospective honorees to the AAJ Board which votes on the recommended nominations
  • Above and Beyond Award
    • Exceptional contributions to sustain and strengthen the organization
  • Leonard Ring Champion of Justice Awards
    • For outstanding integrity and overall character and has demonstrated devotion to human and civil rights
  • Leonard Weinglass In Defense of Civil Liberties Awards
    • Honors an attorney or civil rights advocate who has made a noteworthy contribution to the defense of civil rights by bringing, trying, or resolving a suit
  • Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Soaring Eagle Award
    • Presented to an attorney who, despite the challenges of his/her own journey, has made outstanding efforts/contributions to the legal profession
  • F. Scott Baldwin Award
    • F. Scott Baldwin, a world-renowned trial lawyer
    • presented in recognition of the legendary degree of excellence and compassion that Scott has brought to the profession and the significant time he has invested in training, preparing, and encouraging lawyers to the profession
  • Tonahill Award
    • Awarded for outstanding service to and support of consumers and the trial bar
  • AAJ Paralegal of the Year
    • Awarded to outstanding and exemplary paralegal
  • Marie Lambert Award
    • Exemplary leadership to the profession, community, AAJ and to the Women Trial Lawyers Caucus

Other Lawyer Awards

Some of the awards listed below may be very prestigious, though not necessarily an indication of quality. However, we see the awards below less frequently. Some are actually more prestigious since they aren’t paid for.

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