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Offline Marketing for Lawyers

November 8, 2022   |   Written by Adam Draper
Offline Marketing for Lawyers Even with all the powerful opportunities in digital marketing today, offline marketing should still be a central part of your overall strategy. Though the world has undergone a digital revolution, businesses that ignore the benefits of good old-fashioned marketing and advertising are doing so at their own peril. So, let’s unplug for a minute and talk about how you can augment your online strategy with these time-honored techniques employing offline marketing for lawyers.
“Networking is about farming for new contacts, not hunting them.”
– Dr. Ivan Misner

Networking in Your Community

Meeting people (yes, in person) is still one of the best ways to establish professional relationships. This means being involved in your community by attending Chamber of Commerce meetings and going to community events. Consider sponsoring a Girl Scout troop or 5K charity race where your firm’s logo appears in promotional advertising. Or host a giveaway for local teachers, fund a raffle donation for a hospital, or offer an internship to a college student. In short, be seen and engage others so you can cultivate your own network of contacts. Community involvement is a great offline marketing technique for lawyers. Not only will you be introducing yourself to people who might later seek your professional services, but you’re also meeting people who can pass on your information to their own friends, family members, and contacts.

Becoming an Authority

Speak as an authority and you’ll come to be seen as one. Offer to be a guest speaker at events like legal conferences, Rotary Club luncheons, business breakfasts, and other professional gatherings. People love free legal advice, so use that to your advantage. Industry gatherings often like to book speakers who can give attendees information on insurance law, liability protection, estate planning, etc. Being a featured speaker in a professional setting can significantly increase your firm’s all-important E.A.T. – Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Fostering Referrals

Developing an attractive Attorney Referral Program at your law firm is a smart way to increase your offline marketing for lawyers. Solo practitioners and small firms often don’t have the manpower, niche expertise, or financial resources to handle large or complex lawsuits. You can develop an in-house program that provides a referral fee and streamlined interactions with other attorneys who need help. You can serve as co-counsel, local counsel for out-of-state law firms, or lead litigation counsel. This can be a great way to land additional clients and raise your firm’s regional profile.

Winning Awards

Winning legal awards is a tried and true method of raising your law firm’s profile, and it can even garner local media coverage. Notable awards from the American Bar Association, American Association for Justice, SuperLawyers, National Trial Lawyers Association, and Avvo ratings can boost your clout. So can awards and honorary degrees from prestigious universities. These are worth applying for, even if a small cost is involved.

Courting the Media

While interacting with the media is not everyone’s cup of tea, outgoing lawyers with a flair for soundbites can reap the marketing benefits of being quoted by journalists and reporters in newspapers and magazines and on TV. This is a free way to get publicity for your law firm. It may be worth seeking professional media training before pitching yourself as a subject-matter expert to journalists. Reporters are always looking for someone to provide commentary on local court cases, legal matters, and U.S. Supreme Court rulings, so this may be another offline marketing opportunity for your firm.

Print and Advertising

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people who like to see things in print. For those who spend little time on the internet, traditional forms of advertising still make a big impact. Radio ads, TV ads, billboards – these are still very effective ways to increase awareness of your business. They tend to be much more expensive than online marketing techniques, but an occasional investment in traditional advertising channels will definitely get potential clients to call your office.

Symbiotic Relationship Between Offline and Online

Just as your website can feed your business, your offline efforts should feed your online campaigns. You’ve probably noticed that whenever any professional makes an appearance on a broadcast (TV, radio, podcasts, etc.), one of the first things they mention after their actual name is their Twitter handle or website URL. A glossy marketing brochure will inevitably include a web address in the footer or on the back cover. That’s because every medium can lead back to your online presence. Raising awareness of your firm requires a comprehensive strategy that includes offline and online efforts working together.

Offline Marketing Strategies That Support Your Firm’s Online Brand

Let’s recap important tips in offline marketing for lawyers that can boost your digital marketing efforts and build your law firm brand. Always keep an eye out for the following opportunities:
  • Networking in your community
  • Becoming an authority
  • Fostering referrals
  • Winning awards
  • Courting the media.
By pursuing these offline activities, you can increase your firm’s visibility and drive prospective clients to your door. If you need a little help building an overall marketing strategy for your law firm, we at Gladiator Law Marketing would be happy to help. Our skilled and experienced SEO, design, and marketing professionals create custom, one-of-a-kind websites and marketing campaigns for small and mid-sized law firms. To find out more about our services, call us for a free consultation at 888-683-3212.


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