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What Did Google Do?

The medic update in August 2018 is still affecting law firms today.

Lawyers fall under a classification known as YMYL: Your Money, Your Life. This means that if your business can significantly impact someones money or life, then Google holds your business to a higher standard.

We pay attention to Google so you don’t have to.

Start Here…

1. Up the Word Count

  • The old standard for word count used to be somewhere between 750-1000 words per page.
  • You should now be aiming closer to 1500-2500.


2. Improve the User Experience of the Page

  • Google wants to rank pages that provide great answers along with a great user experience.
  • Article based web pages are no longer effective because people would have to read the entire page to get the answers that they want.
  • High-ranking pages are set up in a way that users can skim the page to quickly find the answers that are most important to them.


3. Minimal Load Times

  • Your website needs to be able to load quickly on a page-by-page basis.
  • The more design elements you add, the slower your page will become.
  • Eliminate any needless movement on your pages and try to keep them as flat as possible.


Law Firm Web Agency

Here’s How You Win.

Be Strategic. Invest. Outperform.

All are required in order to maximize growth potential.

Hall of Fame NFL Coach Vince Lombardi would teach his players how to put on their socks. Was that his secret to multiple Superbowl Championships? Not exactly.

His real secret was that everything mattered.

If you want to have a successful marketing campaign, your firm must be a top performer. This means having a better website, with better content, than your competitors; targeting the right keywords with a sound strategy; watching the campaign closely and adjusting as needed; and leveraging technology to ensure the firm is getting the best possible return-on-investment.

Law firm marketing is too competitive to cut corners… every detail matters. How do you guarantee victory? Be the best.

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