Supportive Services for In-House Web Teams

Gladiator Law Marketing not only partners with professional marketing and ad agencies, but provides a variety of professional-grade services for in-house Web teams. With a growing trend among aggressive law firm marketers to apply investment toward the development of in-house Web teams, Gladiator Law Marketing is poised to assist your efforts.

We offer: Training Sessions | Auxiliary Search Marketing Components | Tailored Audits & Monitoring | Hourly Consulting

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Training Sessions – Think of them as CLEs for your Web team. We offer customized training sessions delivered via Web video or on site at your offices. Regular training sessions can keep your talent motivated and informed, while further sharpening your intellectual assets. All training sessions are tailored to your team’s expertise, needs, and marketing direction. Examples include WordPress Basics, PPC Management, Latest Google updates, Advanced Conversion Tracking, et al.

Auxiliary Search Marketing Components – Gladiator Law Marketing is here to support you. Handling your own search marketing but looking for additional production resources for press releases, infographics, or social media postings? Give us a call and let’s discuss how our expertise can offer a boost to your Web team’s efforts. 1(888)683-3212

Tailored Audits & Monitoring – Sometimes an outside party can identify opportunities or offer additional strategies to boost Web marketing results. Gladiator Law Marketing can work with your firm to audit your current strategies, analyze performance reports, and provide supportive monitoring on an ongoing basis.

Over the last several years, law firm Web marketing has become big business. As online marketing has become more diversified and competitive, aggressive campaigns have required ever larger investments. In response, many law firms have reallocated budgets to build their own internal Web teams.

While this approach often allows for greater control over talent and investment, secures exclusivity/confidentiality of your marketing strategies, and allows you to invest in your own intellectual assets, we know there are headaches and challenges that can arise.

For those elite law firm marketers out there who have employed a more aggressive strategy and built in-house Web teams – We Salute You!

Often a law firm may utilize a Multi-Vendor Solution coupled with in-house management of certain Web marketing campaigns. For example, a small- or medium-sized firm might work with an outside Web marketing company for SEO, while handling their social media marketing internally. Some law firms may handle their own Pay-Per-Click management, while partnering with Gladiator Law Marketing for search marketing.

Whether your firm has taken the aggressive approach to build an elite in-house Web team or whether you simply handle individual components of your marketing internally, consider how Gladiator Law Marketing can support your efforts.

Reach out and let’s talk about how Gladiator Law Marketing can support your In-house Web efforts: 1(888)683-3212 or contact us online.