Social Media Battle Royale: Likes Versus Clicks

November 9th, 2015 by Adam Draper   |   Posted in Social Media

Why Likes are Important

First, let’s state the obvious – Likes look good on a page. They’re a public reflection of how engaged you are with your audience and how popular your post is. More importantly, people who regularly click the Like button on Facebook tend to be more engaged on the platform in general. Facebook tells us that people who are prone to click the Like button have around two and a half times more friends than those who don’t. They’re also 5.3 times more likely to click on a link leading to an external site.

Why Click-Through Rate is Important

A Click means that somebody is actually visiting the content you’re promoting and, for most businesses on Facebook, that’s exactly what you’re aiming for. Other users won’t see how many Clicks a post gets, so it may not look as impressive, but it is doing the one thing that all social media marketers value the most – generating traffic to your website.

Where Do Shares Fit In?

When it comes to raising awareness of your profile – i.e. your brand – Shares are unparalleled in their value. That’s because sharing is free promotion of your post, giving it more views and more opportunities for both Likes and Clicks. Edgerank, Facebook’s system for determining what lands in users’ News Feeds, gives more weight to Shares than to Likes. So, at least in terms of appearing in more News Feeds, sharing is tough to beat.

And the Winner Is…

The answer really depends on what you want out of your page, or a particular post. If your goal is promote your content, then a Click is the real prize. If Facebook serves as your main business page and you mostly curate content, then a Like will suit your needs just fine. But for the vast majority of businesses, especially those that are trying to generate traffic to a website, a Click still reigns supreme.

The other very important point is that a Like and a Click aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. When you view the results of a post, it can sometimes feel that way. But, as we mentioned above, Facebook itself tells us that those who Like are also those who Click. How’s that for a split decision?

Bonus Round – Quick Tips for Facebook Popularity

  1. Use Images – Posts with high-quality pictures get placed in more News Feeds and are likely to get more Likes and Clicks. If at all possible, use graphs and charts for even more engagement.
  2. Calls-to-Action – Prompt your audience to do something, whether it’s to read your blog post or to use your services. You don’t want to go overboard with calls-to-action, but incorporating them into your posts will encourage people to follow suit.
  3. Keep It Short! – You have only a split second to grab your audience’s attention. Be as efficient with your words as possible. Good rule of thumb: If it’s too long for a Twitter post, it’s too long for a Facebook post.

Happy Posting!