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SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers

When someone is searching for a lawyer, chances are their situation requires urgent action.

However, that is even more likely when the search is for a bankruptcy lawyer. A person may search for a divorce lawyer while they are still considering their options, but very few people will search for a bankruptcy lawyer unless they have immediate financial issues.

Financial issues are also not a topic many people discuss with their close friends — or even their family, in some cases. As a result, potential clients will head to Google or other search engines to find local bankruptcy attorneys that can help them in their time of need.

This combination of urgency and attempted secrecy makes effective SEO for lawyers essential to any firm’s marketing strategy.

You must ensure your local SEO is up to par, or prospective clients may opt for your competitors. Even worse, if you don’t have an accessible bankruptcy law firm online, they may never even find you.

Let’s look at the value of SEO for bankruptcy law firms and how you can improve your bankruptcy law firm’s website.

The Value of Search Engine Optimization to Bankruptcy Lawyers

When bankruptcy law firms consider how to gain more bankruptcy clients, they often overlook the value of organic search traffic. With large amounts of digital marketing budget allocated to PPC marketing or email campaigns, SEO often gets left out to dry.

However, nurturing your search engine ranking should play a central role in any legal digital marketing strategy. In a crowded and competitive industry, where leads act quickly and impulsively, ranking as one of the top local bankruptcy law firms on Google is a must for increased awareness and increased traffic to your site.

How to Improve Your Bankruptcy Law Firm SEO

Ensure your law firm’s website is fast and easy to navigate.

Making certain your website loads quickly and is easy for potential clients to navigate is essential.

With so much competition online, all vying for the same potential clients, it is vital that your website loads quickly, is easy to use on desktop and mobile devices, and provides viewers with all of the information they need where they expect to see it.

Not only does this help improve your customer experience, but Google’s SEO ranking system factors all this in ranking you against your competitors. Search engines want to direct their users to websites that are relevant to the search query and offer a great user experience.

In modern times, no user can wait more than a few seconds for a bankruptcy law firm website to load. If it takes longer than that, they will quickly move on to a competing website.

Consider the situation your potential client finds themselves in. Chances are they need to find a bankruptcy lawyer as quickly as possible, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

To optimize your website user experience, you should:

  • Make webpages load as fast as possible.
  • Execute keyword research and factor this into your URLs.
  • Prioritize making your website mobile-first.
  • Use readable fonts and font sizes.
  • Ensure navigation from page to page is as easy as possible.

Consider link-building strategies.

The term link building is used in SEO for backlinks, links that come from other websites to your website.

The more reputable links you have that take readers to your website, the more Google values your website as a top-quality authority on bankruptcy. When done correctly, link building is a highly effective SEO strategy, although it can be very time-consuming.

Don’t fall into the trap of simply gaining as many links as possible. If Google does not regard these links as reputable, it could see this action as spam and it will have an adverse effect on your firm’s ranking.

Create blog content that adds value for your clients.

As you are already aware, bankruptcy law is incredibly complex. In some instances, that can make it tricky to explain what services you provide; but when it comes to improving your SEO ranking, you can use this complexity to your advantage.

Creating insightful, engaging, and valuable blog content on specific aspects of bankruptcy law is a great way to show Google that you are a reputable source of information. Blog content focusing on different keywords you haven’t prioritized on other pages will develop a well-rounded SEO-optimized website.

Gather reviews and testimonials, and share them at every opportunity.

Client testimonials are a must-have for any bankruptcy firm. Gone are the days when simply telling potential clients how great you are was enough to convince them of your credentials. Consumers have become much wiser in recent years and expect you to tell them how amazing your business is and why.

What cuts through the noise is client testimonials. It shows potential clients that other real people also think your business is fantastic, and this adds more validity to your claims.

Google ranking looks at client testimonials from existing and past clients with the same level of importance. Law firm websites showing many five-star reviews are sure to perform better in the search results.

Update your local listing information.

So far, we have discussed how many people head to Google search as their first way of discovering local bankruptcy law firms. However, there is another digital route many potential clients take: online listings.

Local listings are a fantastic place to highlight those client testimonials you’ve worked so hard to gather, so make sure your Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business pages have up-to-date and relevant information on them.

Law Firm Paid Advertising

Final Thoughts

Competition for clients as a bankruptcy lawyer has never been tougher, thanks to the rise in digital marketing. However, focusing on your SEO is an excellent way to gain an advantage over your competitors and ensure that potential clients see your website first when they begin their online search.

Local and technical SEO can be complicated without having extensive experience. Still, it offers a much better return on investment than other marketing strategies, such as email marketing or PPC campaigns.

Do you have questions about how to make your bankruptcy law firm more SEO-friendly? Get in touch with the team at Gladiator Law Marketing today.

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