Multi-Vendor Solutions

Gladiator Law Marketing believes in a client-empowerment model that begins with transparency. We work with law firms to let you set the terms of engagement, including flexible contract terms. Our transparent approach to law firm Web marketing also includes itemized invoices that ensure you always know exactly what services are being delivered.

Our client-empowerment model includes your right to work with multiple Web marketing companies.

Why Would You Want To Work With Multiple Vendors?

    • You may be entirely pleased with the performance and direction of your Web marketing campaign, but looking to further expand your results. By working with multiple vendors you employ a variety of strategies and experts to help propel your campaign to the next level.

      Not all Web marketing companies operate with the same strengths and strategies. Using multiple vendors allows your campaign to perform at a higher level by bringing multiple experts to the table.

Other Web Marketers Choose Gladiator

Gladiator Law Marketing partners with numerous companies (other law firm Web marketers, ad agencies, PR companies, design firms, and Internet consultants) to deliver quality results for clients. Sometimes our involvement is a known contribution to the Web campaign; sometimes our partnership with other professional firms is behind the scenes. Gladiator Law Marketing offers positive contributions to any team or project.

We also can provide supportive services for in-house law firm marketing departments.

  • Sometimes law firms are not fully satisfied with the results from their current Web marketer, but find themselves locked into existing contracts. In this circumstance, we recommend you consider our SEO Surveillance service.

    Beyond working to ensure compliance and quality in the delivery of agreed-upon services [SEO Surveillance], working with additional Web marketers can help make up for lost ground, keep competitors from getting a leap ahead while you work on the relationship with your original vendor, and keep your firm from placing all eggs in a single-vendor basket.

  • You protect your health by seeking the expertise of cardiologists, oncologists, and other specialists as a complement to your general practitioner. Why not protect the health of your Web marketing campaign and long-term investment by leveraging the expertise of multiple professionals?

    You may have a specialty project as a component of your overall Web marketing campaign (secondary website(s), social media initiatives, mobile advertising campaign, et al.) that would benefit from the expertise of a specialist.

Web marketers frequently partner together in the strategy, implementation and management of campaigns. You may simply not be aware of these relationships.

Relying on the expertise of multiple providers is not only smart to protect your health, but makes sense for your Web marketing.

If you would like to enhance the ROI of your Web marketing campaign, please reach out and let’s discuss whether a multi-vendor partnership would be advantageous for your firm. Call 1(888)683-3213 or fill-out our online form.