Sales Jobs

Gladiator Law Marketing is always looking for motivated sales representatives. We offer a competitive pay structure, access to software, and initial training on our company/services. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced B2B sales representative that wants to set their own schedule, work from home, have no cap on commission, and sell a product that is clearly industry leading. Our managerial style is consultative in nature. We want you spending your time on revenue generating activities as opposed to administrative activities. You will have the freedom to spend your time on the tasks you feel will make yourself the most commissions.

Successful sales representatives have an insatiable competitive drive. Our company culture is laid back, friendly, and honest. While we offer an enjoyable work environment, that should not be confused with a lackadaisical approach to sales. We are results driven. Sales goals are clearly defined, achievable, and focused on sales volume. Sales representatives that do not consistently meet their goals will not be retained.

Typical Work Flow

  1. Develop Initial Target List
  2. Input Into Email Software
  3. Execute Cold Email Campaign
    1. We have campaigns written but will adjust or create new ones upon request. We want these to work for you.
    2. We will also create sales literature or other forms of content upon request. We want you to have what you need to be successful.
  4. Analyze Email Campaign
  5. Identify Top Targets
  6. Take Next Steps As Necessary
    1. Altering Email Campaign
      1. Send PURL Page
      2. Send Content
      3. Activate New Email Campaign
    2. Cold Calling
  7. Pitch Services
  8. Send Proposal
  9. Close

For proven sales representatives we will consider hiring a sales assistant to help with routine tasks such as list building or proposal creation.

The Software We Use

  • Pipedrive
  • Call Hippo
  • Sales Wolf
  • Apollo (Free Version)
  • Lemlist

Target Customer

We sell website design and marketing services to law firms across the United States. Because of our national approach, we do not have a problem finding new opportunities.

Pay Structure

We utilize two different payment terms for sales representatives: 100% Commission or Salary/Commission. An average performing sales representative is better off at 100% commission. We have a policy in place to change from the Salary/Commission option to the 100% Commission option if certain milestones are met. We also offer the option of starting with the 100% option. We do not always have openings for the Salary/Commission option, as this requires more financial investment on our part.

Average Website Design Sale: $5,000 (Sales cycle is less than 1 month.)

Average Marketing Sale: $50,000 (Sales cycle is 1-3 months on average but can be as long as 1 year.)

Top performing sales representatives in our industry make over $100,000 per year.


We will only make a job offer to applicants with proven B2B experience. These applicants should have experience with cold email, cold calling, proposal delivery, and closing. They should also have experience selling digital marketing services. It is expected that the sales representative is able to make their first sale within 1 month and exceed sales goals within 3 months.

While we do offer training on our company, services, and industry, we do NOT regularly offer introductory sales training. If you do not have prior B2B experience, you will not be successful in this position. If you are confident in your sales abilities, we offer an excellent product that meets a clear need.


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