Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the primary strategy used by law firms to market their services on the Web. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes two distinct online marketing initiatives to help deliver qualified visitors to your website(s): Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. Gladiator Law Marketing offers a wide range of SEM services, including:

Gladiator Law Marketing is uniquely positioned to deliver SEM solutions based on your current marketing needs and comfort level. Often, small- and medium-sized firms feel priced out of the Web marketing industry or pressured into contracts with a heftier price tag than they initially envisioned. Gladiator Law Marketing works to fill this gap by empowering our clients to set the terms of engagement – rather than the other way around. [Read Our Client Empowerment Model]

Working With Passion

Attorney Steve Heisler“One of the problems I’ve had with past vendors is that they couldn’t keep the website current – there wasn’t consistent effort being applied. Consequently, they couldn’t consistently maintain and grow my search engine rankings. I’ve not had these same problems with Gladiator – they’ve exceeded my expectations. I’m still blown away by their product and how they go about handling their business. I’m just so happy and blessed to be working with them. Not only am I seeing results in the search engine rankings, but the phones are ringing!

“I always felt when I called other companies that I’ve worked with, that they really didn’t want to be talking to me, that I was bothering them. These Gladiator guys are really jacked up about what they do – and it’s evident – they not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. The passion for what they do is so apparent every time I have an interaction with the Gladiator team. And it’s reflected in the results.

“My business objectives are to bring in new, quality cases and improve our profits. We’re on pace to have a better year this year, and last year was better than the year before. We meticulously track our cases, and it’s not a coincidence that this growth coincided with when we started work with Gladiator.” – Attorney Steve Heisler (Baltimore, MD)

This flexibility even enables you to leverage the benefits of our SEM services while you are working with other Web marketing vendors. [Learn More about a Multi-Vendor Solution]

Pretty cool, huh?

Regardless of how you decide to engage Gladiator Law Marketing, you can be assured that you will find our professionals are dedicated, responsive, and focused on delivering results.

Whether looking to generate new business by boosting website traffic and online accessibility, securing a foothold in new marketplaces, or promoting firm recognition / brand awareness, there is no substitute for the potential benefits an effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign can deliver. And, there is no substitute for Gladiator Law Marketing.

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