SEO Surveillance: Ongoing Audit Process

An independent, monthly Web consulting service that audits your SEO provider’s strategies, performance, and progress toward defined objectives.

According to a 2012 report by Borrell Associates, small businesses (“SMBs”) invested over $7 billion dollars on search marketing in 2011, and this number will only continue to grow year after year. While it would be nice if your knowledge of search marketing were able to grow at the same pace year after year, the truth is that attorneys must focus on running their law firms – not their search marketing campaigns. This is precisely why you hired a search marketing company in the first place, right?

Despite your need to rely on the professional services of a search marketing firm, there are often dynamics in the online marketplace that, unfortunately, encourage poor performance by search engine optimizers.

Marketplace Dynamics that Encourage Poor Behavior

Dynamic #1: In the past, there were few tracking tools available, and they were mostly of limited value. This contributed to an assumption that search marketers could not be held accountable for their work.

Dynamic #2: As search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing have continued to explode over the last decade, so have the prices for these services. In a marketplace that has struggled to define industry standard comps for these law firm marketing services, the guideline has often been to quote as high as your market will support. While an argument can be made for this competition-based pricing model, an argument can also be made that it has encouraged some search optimizers to charge unreasonably high prices.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

SEO Surveillance is not about questioning the value of SEO – it is about protecting your marketing investment and helping ensure that your SEO campaign is maximizing potential and delivering a high level of performance. This should be the same goal of your search engine optimization (SEO) company; it is certainly your goal, and it’s the primary focus of SEO Surveillance – so we’re all on the same page.

Overview: SEO Surveillance [PDF]
SEO Surveillance is a monthly auditing and consulting service that works with your existing SEO company and your law firm to independently assess the performance of your SEO campaign.

Dynamic #3: The dynamics of an ever-changing search landscape (Google alone makes adjustments to their search engine rankings algorithm throughout the day) makes it nearly impossible for the law firm to stay up-to-date with the criteria they should be using to gauge the performance of their SEO campaign.

Understanding the factors that can potentially have a negative influence on the implementation and management of a sound search marketing campaign is a key component of the value behind our SEO Surveillance service.

We know what red flags to watch for, what trends are acceptable, and when corrections/adjustments need to be made. We work with many well-respected, quality, and trustworthy SEO firms and always appreciate their work and gladly refer business to them.

How is this accomplished and what does SEO Surveillance include?

The first step is to get a thorough understanding of the specific objectives you and your search marketer have already defined for your SEO campaign. Using this understanding as the measuring stick for performance, SEO Surveillance service includes:

  • Monthly Phone Consultation with Client
  • Monthly Phone Consultation with SEO Provider
  • Professional Review, Analysis, and Explanation of reports provided by your SEO Company
  • Activity Monitoring and Evaluation of Standard SEO Services provided by your SEO Company, including: On-Page/Site SEO Recommendations & Changes, Keyword Research, Content Creation Suggestions & Development, Content Promotion / Viral “Pushes”, Link-Building Recommendations, Social Media Marketing Recommendations, Infographic/Visual Design Opportunities
  • SEO Surveillance Alerts to notify you of significant warnings regarding your SEO campaign (blacklistings, official penalties, reported errors, etc.)

Put a Gladiator on Your Side

According to recent data from, most businesses invest $2,501 – $5,000 per month in search marketing. Priced at $299 per month, SEO Surveillance is the right solution to protect your SEO investment.

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