web designer

ashley merry

Designer. Mama. Aesthete. Book Lover. Foodie. Gardener. Dreamer.

Ashley is a passionate and innovative web designer with a deep appreciation for both aesthetics and user experience. She strives to blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver engaging online experiences. Beyond the pixels and code, she is fueled by a genuine passion for design and finds inspiration in the world around her. At Gladiator she has the privilege of working on projects ranging from logo designs to production or maintenance of websites that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

“As a web designer, I strive to compose a symphony of visual elegance, transforming ideas into digital masterpieces.”

When she’s not mastering the Web, you can find Ashley cooking, reading, gardening, and crafting. Her husband and kids are her world, and they love spending their days going to festivals, trying new foods, and getting into mischief.


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