Meet Bradley Thomas

Bradley Thomas, fresh from the halls of the University of Kentucky, was invited to be a part of the Gladiator Law Marketing team in June of 2016. Brad began his education as a Mechanical Engineer major, but after a few semesters found a passion for programming. He soon moved into Computer Science, and graduated with his B.S. from UK in 2015.

Brad was originally brought in as an extra set of hands, providing help wherever and whenever it was needed. Over time his responsibilities gradually grew among the GLM office until he became a fully fledged Gladiator in November.

Brad’s life began on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains, in the county of Harlan in Southeastern Kentucky. He grew up loving the mountains that surrounded him and splashing in the river that runs by his childhood home. He’s always loved the outdoors, but they don’t quite return this affection. Growing up with allergies, being allergic to the very grass and trees around him as well as the animals in the neighborhood, he tended to stay indoors more often. He has always embraced his nerdiness and has never been afraid of admitting it. Of course, as we all get older we tend to be more obstinate, and Brad is no different. He now throws caution to the wind and enjoys the animals and outdoors anyway.

Outside of work he enjoys being a lazy cat, playing video games, hanging around with friends, or even having an outdoorsy streak going hiking or rock climbing in the Red River Gorge. Perhaps even camping when the weather is nice.

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