Meet Ellie Blair

Ellie started out in her career path just as most girls do – taking baseball stats at the local park, insisting on being on the team with all the boys, playing capture the flag and skinning her knees… oh wait, is that not what all the other girls did? A tomboy from the time she was able to run through her backyard, Ellie had a knack for trying to conquer every task, job, and sport that was only “meant for the boys.” She carried this insistence into her high school and college career. Never a person to be told she couldn’t do something, she made sure to prove that point long before anyone had the opportunity to tell her otherwise.

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Ellie’s background is in marketing – more specifically, sports marketing. Once asked what her dream job was (by her now husband,) she easily responded, “To own an NFL team.” Talk about aiming for the stars! Ellie studied marketing at the University of Kentucky. On the verge of graduating, she met the love of her life, Rob. They moved to Louisville and then Cincinnati shortly after, only to end up right back where they met, in Lexington, KY. Along the way, Ellie gained experience in event promotion, social media marketing, advertising sales and account management. Ellie’s skill set and unique blend of marketing experiences make her a wonderful addition to the Gladiator Law Marketing team in her position of Project/Account Manager. Her No. 1 desire in her career is to make other people happy. Handling clients’ needs gives her that opportunity on a daily basis.

Outside of her career, Ellie has an amazing family that she dotes on every chance she gets. Just as it was when she was growing up, Ellie is the only girl in the bunch! She has her husband Rob and their two boys, Jordan and Colton. In her free time Ellie enjoys doing crossfit, yoga and going on walks to relax and be with her family. One thing that Ellie has always been told in her life is that she has quite the expressive face. Little does anyone know that she used to sit in front of a mirror for hours as a child to practice all those expressions!

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