Meet Michael Renfro

Michael S. Renfro has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years. He uses his past knowledge and experience as well as continually learning new things to excel at what he does best. He’s not your average sales professional either, as he is a true believer in providing a genuine service for his clients who need it, putting their best interest first.

Michael has an innovative creative side and has been a US Patent holder since 2011 for an abstract strategy board game he developed just after the turn of the millennium. His lifelong love of game play has given him a very unique, but successful approach at problem solving. He joined the Gladiator Law Marketing team in January of 2019 with prospects of a long, bright future.

Above all else, Michael is a family man, loving husband and father of 4 wonderful boys. He enjoys the outdoors, game nights, wood working, all forms of technology as well as engaging in meaningful conversations while just relaxing with family and friends.

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