Meet Mitch Kline, J.D.

Born and raised in Upstate New York (which means the central part of the state, not the common misconception of 20 miles north of NYC), Mitch is a fairly amiable fellow who loves nature, learning, iced coffee, details, and “the little guy.” Known to his friends as “Factoid” and his family as “The Lorax,” he often finds himself as a voice for the voiceless. He has soothed a wounded fawn in his arms, helped countless turtles safely cross the road, built shelters for the neighborhood cats and has a reputation for picking the least picture-perfect pumpkin in the patch/Christmas tree on the farm year after year.

This affinity for the underdog is one of the reasons Mitch chose to study law (and be a Mets fan). He wanted to somehow be able to help people help themselves. He got his Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo, hoping to work out of the limelight for someone better suited to it. While a sharp debater and a sound thinker, Mitch’s interests lie in details and organization rather than the courtroom. While Mitch has nestled into many legal writing gigs over the years, he values the home he has found here among his fellow Gladiators and is proud to be their Content Manager.

A loyal advocate for order, Mitch also loves a good puzzle, and if he can problem solve using tools or that-part-from-that-thing-that-would-come-in-handy-someday, then even better. When not in the arena wrestling the written word, Mitch is a devoted husband, father and Elton John fan(atic). He has seen the Rocket Man in concert over 30 times, has seen all 4 Broadway plays (and is anxiously awaiting the new one!), has a personalized EJ license plate, and will talk for hours to anyone who will listen about Sir Elton’s unparalleled humanitarian works, musical genius and extraordinary accomplishments.

Mitch often spends large amounts of his weekends on the highway driving rescue dogs (and cats) to their foster families or their forever homes. Mitch is a dedicated member of an incredible nationwide network of people who volunteer time, gas and space in their heart (and sometimes their homes) each week to rescue innocent, down-on-their-luck animals from high-kill shelters. He also walks the walk by fostering dogs who just need a safe place to stay while waiting for their forever homes. These foster dogs learn all about how awesome a home can be from Mitch’s own menagerie — Fonze (the 11 lb. poodle/terrier mix), Fritter (the 15 lb. terrier/something else mix), Charlotte (the guinea pig), Zeus (the inherited neighborhood cat), and Fishies (an assortment of aquatic beings).

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