Nicole Longo, Project Manager

Nicole Longo was born and raised in Upstate New York. After college she spent five years working for the Walt Disney World Company. It was a life-changing experience, and she still puts some of what she learned to good use on a daily basis. She found that central Florida did not have the change in seasons to keep her there for life, so she decided to pack up and plant herself in North Carolina.

Nicole has been working in the law web marketing arena for over a decade. She joined the Gladiator Law Marketing team less than a year after the company was started, and now she can’t imagine doing anything else. Building relationships with her clients and helping their campaigns succeed is what brings her satisfaction.

What they say is true: The only thing that will stay the same in web marketing is that it’s always changing. Nicole believe it’s necessary to be on your toes and keep up with the latest trends. That is what we do at GLM — and Nicole helps us do it well.

When she is not juggling projects and meeting with her clients, you can find Nicole in the garden. She loves to plant, grow and process her own food and herbs. She lives on a 10-acre farm with her husband and their fuzzy four-legged crew.

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The Gladiator Law Marketing Team

Please meet the Gladiator Law Marketing team of Web experts and genuinely nice people. For a law firm’s Web marketing campaign to deliver the best results, your team has to fully understand you, where you come from, who your people are and where you are going. Shouldn’t you know the same about us, too? Come meet the seasoned professionals and fun-loving group that is Gladiator Law Marketing.

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