Meet Sharona Nelson

Sharona has spent her entire working life writing or communicating for her supper. She was born and raised in Delaware, where she began creating short stories about horses when she was ten. After earning a B.A. in English from a small private college in Virginia, she moved to the Boston area, her home for most of her adult years. While there, she was a jack-of-all-trades, mastering two: radio personality for a number of music stations, and technical writer/online help designer for several software and hardware companies. She also worked as a Boston taxi driver, a clerical chartist (meaning numbers and graphs) for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and advertising copywriter. Along the way she published a novel or two, was a technical editor for SAMS/Macmillan (one software book), and managed to find time to graduate with a Masters of Arts, Research, in New Testament, with highest honors.

Sharona has a vast amount of experience in learning technical, complex material on the fly and translating it into simple, declarative sentences. She has a head for numbers (math award winner in high school, with a work background in banking and the financial markets), so her logical bent helps her achieve the accurate, readable copy she aspires to. She loves to geek out doing research. It’s her favorite part of her job with Gladiator.

Sharona lives in KY with her retired husband and a grumpy but handsome solid gray cat. She also has a daughter who teaches Egyptology, and is extremely pleased that she finally has a grandchild. You can find her twice a week at singing rehearsals for two groups, when she’s not jogging or lollygagging about with friends. She loves to travel, especially back to Boston, and is delighted that she’s lived long enough to see both her New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox win championships after so many lean years. Loyalty and steadfastness, she knows well. Go team!

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