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Understanding Local SEO for Employment Lawyers

Understanding Local SEO for Employment Lawyers

June 20, 2024   |   Written by Gladiator Law Marketing

As a lawyer, you likely have two goals — winning cases for your clients and finding more clients to serve. Often, having success in legal cases is easier than creating marketing ROI for lawyers. Still, you need to have a steady stream of clients coming in to grow your firm the way you’d like. Fortunately, having a solid strategy for local SEO can push you toward this goal and provide significant marketing ROI for attorneys.

Simply put, understanding local SEO is what helps employment lawyers get leads. If you have growth goals your firm still needs to hit, learn how local SEO can help you get there so you can finally create a reliable client pipeline.

Importance of Local SEO for Employment Lawyers

Most law firms are local businesses. Because you must be licensed to practice in a particular state, your target audience consists of business owners and employees in the local area. As 25% of searchers click on the first result, you need a local search strategy that puts your firm at the top of the SERPs and creates marketing ROI for attorneys.

This is what local SEO for lawyers can do. Having a local SEO strategy makes you more visible and trustworthy to your targeted audience, which helps you beat the competition. Additionally, 88% of people who conduct a local search visit that business within a week, a testament to the results a good local SEO strategy can produce.

Optimizing Google Business Profiles for Employment Law Firms

Choose the Right Category

According to Google, the selected category will affect local search rankings and the labels assigned to law firms. To ensure you get good leads, choose categories similar to other employment law firms. If you are deciding between multiple categories, choose the one that brings in the most revenue.

Have a Full Google Business Profile

Make sure you fill out your profile completely so Google can gauge profile relevance and eligibility to appear at the top for related local search terms. Good local search engine optimization requires all fields in the info, service information, attributes, and description sections. Having a set of FAQs in the “questions and answers” section can also create marketing ROI for attorneys.

Add High-Quality Photos

Adding photos and videos helps local businesses show up on Google’s local pack, which is the map and nearby business listings that show up during a location-based search. Additionally, regular photo additions help signal to Google that your profile is active, which can certainly help you in the local search results.

Ask for Client Reviews

Users sometimes mistrust businesses with nonexistent or negative reviews. Google loves to showcase businesses it thinks can help users, so having many positive reviews can also impact your local search rankings. Once you’ve provided legal services to a client, consider asking them to leave a review on your Google Business Profile, and make sure to engage with your clientele by responding to reviews.

Make Regular Posts

Making posts on a Google Business Profile is a great way for law firms to boost visibility in organic search results. You can, of course, share announcements and descriptions of your legal services. Additionally, you can share helpful tips. Consider using this as part of your SEO strategy to educate clients and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Take the guesswork out of your local SEO efforts. Call our team at Gladiator Law Marketing today for a complimentary consultation and build a local SEO strategy that works.

Local Keyword Research for Employment Attorneys

Good local SEO for lawyers requires a viable keyword research strategy. To find keywords your local audience is using to search for firms like yours, you can do the following:

  • Use a keyword tool to uncover popular search phrases.
  • Check out which keywords your competitors are ranking for to gather ideas.
  • Go for keywords with higher search volume but lower competition to ensure rankings are achievable.
  • Go for long-tail keywords that are four words or more. These are very specific, easier to optimize for, and create better marketing ROI for lawyers.

These simple tactics will help you appear higher in local search results and take your marketing to new heights.

Legal directories and Q&A articles like those found on Avvo and Justia are great ways to find out what questions clients in your area are searching for answers to. You can then use those questions as keywords for your content.

Creating Localized Content for Clients

When crafting content for your audience, make sure to use a keyword tool to help you optimize it with local SEO keywords. Many of these tools will provide keywords and metrics specific to your area so you can choose the ones locals are truly searching for. Use keyword clusters (groups of related keywords on one topic) to increase content relevance.

Because 57% of local searches are conducted on a mobile device, it’s good to create mobile-friendly content. You can do this by using short sentences and bulleted lists so that users aren’t greeted with a wall of text.

Building Citations and NAP Consistency

A citation (also known as a business listing) is any mention of your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) outside of your firm’s website. These listings are often found on search engines like Google and Bing. However, they can also be found on social media profiles and local directories.

Because citations are connected to Google Maps and help you appear in local search results, it’s important to manage them well. Google — and potential clients — will trust you more and rank you higher when your citations are consistent across every website, as they equate more citations with greater business prominence.

Let an Effective Local SEO Strategy Take Your Firm to the Next Level

Simply put, a good SEO strategy is vital for creating better marketing ROI for lawyers. It can help you garner new business without the expense of traditional television and radio ads. When you get help from an expert on local SEO for lawyers, you can also do it without the added burden of extra work.

Our team at Gladiator Law Marketing will take on the task of making sure you reach your local audience. We can help you achieve your marketing goals with local SEO services that help you beat the competition and position yourself as your area’s premier employment law firm.

Need a successful local marketing strategy? Call Gladiator Law Marketing today for a free local SEO consultation so you can reach your growth goals.

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