The Conversion System.

Web marketing is about delivering new clients for your law firm. It is really that simple and we get it. All our Web marketing solutions are geared towards this primary measure of success.

Web design is only effective if it encourages contacts. Search marketing is only valuable if it delivers targeted, relevant inquirers. Social media is only worthwhile if it generates business.

Attorney David Mann

I’m Signing Up Cases

“I started working with Gladiator a year ago and it has been a great year. Lisa and her crew are easy to work with. We have regular meetings to discuss our results. I am signing up cases as a result of their work. Gladiator has even helped me on another social media project that was unrelated to my law practice. They have been very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone (except my competition)! – Attorney David Mann

New Business Every Day

“I’m absolutely pleased with my work with Gladiator Law Marketing. I feel like the strategies take the long-view. The way it’s been done, everything is geared toward sustainable, long-term success – and that’s important to me. But even in the short-run, it’s been fantastic. I get business from my website everyday – multiple times a day. – Attorney Dan Carman

Attorney John Martin

Instrumental in Attracting New Clients

“Gladiator Law Marketing provided exactly the help we needed and more, and were highly responsive to all of our requests. That web presence, in particular, has been instrumental in attracting new clients to our firm, who call us knowing not only who we are and what we do, but trusting in our commitment to professionalism.” – Attorney John C. Martin

client testimonials

There is a science to making all this happen, we call it The Conversion System. While it sounds fancy, it really isn’t. It is a commitment that all Web properties have an influential effect on one another and therefore it is essential that they work together to generate conversions.

OK… But, Break It Down For Me

Elements across your Web marketing campaign (Websites, Search, Social, Mobile, PPC, etc) influence your overall conversion rate (# of inquiries v. overall activity). This includes:

  • Website Design: Does your website efficiently define “conversion funnels” and drive your visitors to conversion points through the effective use of visual design, calls to action, online form integration, etc. Or, does your website design rely on self-guided tours, hoping that your visitor will end up in the right place and choose to contact you? One method is proactive, while the other is static.
  • Search Engine Marketing: In order for your Web design to convert visitors to inquirers, your search marketing strategy must deliver the right kind of visitor in the first place. Targeted, relevant, and valuable. Your type of clients and your type of cases. If your search marketing isn’t targeted properly or working effectively, your conversion rate will tell the tale.
  • Social Marketing: Social media promotes conversions by providing broad access to potential clients. It can also work to enhance conversions by boosting your referral network. Similar to other marketing initiatives, if you are not active and not generating visibility, how can you generate cases?

Gladiator Law Marketing provides extensive monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities to ensure our processes are working for our clients. Because we understand the interwoven relationships between all your Web marketing initiatives, our team is committed to being conversion-driven in everything we do.

Reach out and let’s talk about how we can boost your conversion rate: 1(888)683-3212 or contact us online.