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Find the Perfect Website Design Agency for Lawyers

Are you considering updating your law firm website?

Perhaps you are trying to weigh the pros and cons of creating a new website or spending money revamping your current website.

In truth, having a professional website that is easy to navigate and well-designed has never been more important.

There are several benefits to upgrading your website, but to achieve them you must follow the steps and guidelines highlighted below.

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The Benefits of Website Design for Lawyers

Showcase Your Skills

Law firm web design is a fantastic way to showcase your law firm’s skills. If you present them properly on your website, potential clients will quickly understand what you can offer them if they work with you.

Law firm web designers should focus on clearly highlighting each of your skills so that anyone who visits your site will immediately be impressed by what you offer and consider your services for their needs.

Professional Look and Feel

On top of showcasing skills, a well-designed website is an excellent way to show off professionalism.

A law firm’s website says a lot to a potential client. A polished website shows them that you are serious and professional, and a good option for them to consider. A poorly designed website may lead to some potential clients to think your company is outdated or offers a low standard of service.

Whether you are creating a new website or amending an existing website, ensuring that it looks professional and offers a seamless user experience is essential for online marketing success.

Builds Trust

A high-quality website also builds trust with new and existing clients. Law firm website design assures people that your law practice is legitimate, shows off customer testimonials to establish further trust, and provides plenty of excellent content to confirm your expertise in the field.

SEO Ranking

Law firm SEO is crucial if you want to continue seeing new leads coming into your website organically.

Sure, you can attract some people to your brand through PPC ads, but, ultimately, you need to be showing higher in the search engine rankings to continue to receive new leads for your law firm. A high-quality website will show Google that readers will find it easy to navigate, that it contains all the information they are looking for, and that it loads quickly.

More inquiries

Finally, the culmination of these benefits will lead to your law firm receiving more inquiries from potential clients.

New clients will love what your professional website offers, and an amazing website design will encourage them to choose your law firm over other law firms in the area.

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What Makes a Great Law Firm Website?

There are several key factors that make a law firm website excellent:

  • Loading speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Local optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • High-level tracking
  • Top-quality user experience.

Loading speed.

First, you need to ensure that the website loads quickly, without any aspects lagging behind. There is nothing worse than clicking on a website and waiting while certain features on the page try to load. We live in a fast-paced society, and your potential clients don’t have the attention span to wait while your website loads.

Google knows this and ranks websites that load quickly much higher than websites that take a long time to load. If your website takes longer than a couple of seconds to load, don’t be surprised if your visitors leave and head elsewhere.

Mobile-friendly approach.


In today’s society, over 50% of web traffic comes through mobile devices. This percentage continues to climb year over year, which means potential clients will increasingly be looking for a law firm via their mobile devices.

As you know from your own experiences in searching websites on mobile, there is nothing worse than visiting a website when it is not designed to work for mobile devices. Images look out of place, buttons seem to be missing, and the text is not formatted in a readable manner.

What do you do when you are faced with these issues? You go to a competitor’s website.

Your website must take a mobile-first approach when it comes to design. Not only will this improve your user’s experience, but it will also help improve your Google ranking and beat out competition that is not mobile-friendly.

Local optimization.

The best law firm websites focus on containing information that has local relevance to ensure they appear in local search results. Sure, SEO best practices can help you reach national audiences, but the main focus should always be on your local area.

Conversion optimization.

As we have touched on, the main focus of your website is to generate more potential clients and convert them into clients.

To do this, you must include case studies, relevant content, and client testimonials wherever possible. In addition, you will want to ensure there are no broken links on your website and plenty of “Get in Touch” and “Learn More” calls to action (CTA) dotted around your pages where necessary.

High-level tracking.

If you are spending time and money on improving your marketing strategy and website design, all that effort is wasted if you are not tracking the results!

High-level tracking allows you to establish what is working for your practice and what isn’t, which will influence what areas you focus on in the future.

Top-quality user experience.

Finally, all of your hard work will unravel if your website is not set up to provide your users with an excellent experience. Much like any good law firm, a good law firm’s website will put its customer’s experience at the heart of every decision. Not only will this help increase your Google ranking, but it will also keep potential clients engaged for longer, making them more likely to choose to work with your firm.

Make certain that your content is easy to digest, the pages are laid out in a clear manner, and that it is tailored to your target audience.

The Non-Negotiables of Your Legal Website

When it comes to building the perfect website for your law firm, there are a few non-negotiables you must consider:

  • Do you clearly identify your law firm?
  • Does the structure work for your requirements as well as your clients?
  • Does it confirm how credible and reputable your practice is?
  • Does it clearly state your firm’s mission and objectives?
  • Do you clearly answer questions a potential client might have?

You Must Identify Your Law Firm Early On.

This step might seem obvious, but you would be amazed at how many firms miss this key information.

It is easy to forget that potential customers do not live and breathe your law firm brand as you do, and they need a little more information about your firm before they become confident in your services.

Start with the basics, like your name, what services you provide, and where you are based.

You Must Ensure Your Website Works for You.

Most of the focus of this article has been on ensuring that your website design suits the needs of your potential customers, but it also needs to suit the needs of your law firm.

You need to state a clear goal or objective for each page of your website, such as calling you, coming to your office, or filling out an online form.

Demonstrate Your Credibility.

As mentioned, creating a top-quality website should highlight your credibility as a law firm. Even small law firms will benefit from the credibility that a professional-looking website provides.

High-quality client testimonials, well-written case studies, and other factors will all help to increase your credibility. Trust and credibility are essential for converting website visitors into clients.

Make Your Message Stand Out.

As part of your law firm, it is important to put your firm’s mission front and center. Potential clients want to establish what your values are as a business; this can influence whether or not they decide to work with you.

For example, if your personal injury law firm has a mission statement of helping people get the compensation they deserve, your content should revolve around achieving that.

Respond to Queries and Answer Questions.

Many of your potential clients will discover your practice by searching for your law firm’s name in Google or other search engines, but there are other ways to bring potential clients to your website.

One way to do this is to provide answers to the most common questions asked by your target audience. Even for a boutique corporate law firm, this process can have a significant impact on how many people discover your brand.

Answering common questions improves your SEO ranking, increases credibility, and can persuade potential clients to engage further with your law firm.

Final Thoughts on Law Firm Websites

Running a law firm is not easy, especially if it is a small law firm and your resources are already strained. Trying to find time to improve your law firm marketing and create the perfect website for your practice can seem impossible.

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we are here to help. We use our extensive experience working with law firms just like yours to help create the perfect website for your practice.

We specialize in law firm marketing and website design, so you can be confident the results will perfectly suit your law firm’s needs.

Get in touch today, and we can chat more about taking your law firm to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Development in the Legal Sector

Do legal clients care about website quality?

Studies have shown that a prospective client cares about an attorney’s website, as it is a sign of professionalism and quality. If a law firm has a great website with an up-to-date contact page and list of practice areas, this gives potential clients confidence.

What do great law firm websites have in common?

The best law firm website design focuses on the following aspects to attract potential clients:

  • Fast loading times
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Local optimization
  • Conversion-focused
  • Detailed tracking
  • High-quality user interface.

What are the benefits of having a high-quality legal website?

Law firms with the best law firm websites benefit in the following ways:

  • A strong legal firm’s website will quickly showcase your skills.
  • High-quality legal websites make an excellent first impression.
  • High-quality websites build trust.
  • High-quality law firm sites will rank higher on search engines.
  • Law firms with excellent website design will gain more clients.

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