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Notice how law firm web design is the same from website
to website? Not our clients’.


Another lawyer marketing company? Just what the world needs, right? We think so. Too many small- and medium-sized firms feel squeezed out of the market. Undefined deliverables. High prices. Mandatory contract terms.

Gladiator Law Marketing does things differently.

We are client-centric, formulating our business practices around what is best for our clients. At the core of our Client Empowerment Model is a transparent approach that provides law firms flexibility and freedom of choice in their Web marketing initiatives.

You fight for your clients. Isn’t it time your Web marketing company returned the favor? [See: Web Marketing Campaigns]

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    Quality You Can Rely On

    We offer professional-grade services. That means we not only operate on the client side, but we work with professional agencies, too.

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    Transparent Approach

    Ever work with a vendor that wasn’t up front about what you were getting? Who wasn’t clear about the deliverables? How can you make informed decisions without knowing?

    Gladiator offers transparency, providing itemized invoices and a delivery schedule you can count on.

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    Freedom of Choice

    We work for you – not the other way around. We don’t lock you in, and you always maintain ownership of all materials and data accounts.

Search Engine Optimization {SEO}

Search engine visibility is the No. 1 driver of potential clients to lawyer websites. SEO encompasses a wide range of Web marketing strategies. At Gladiator Law Marketing, we have restructured how SEO is done. We believe in a Free Market for SEO.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising {PPC}

We provide online ad management services for law firms that include both primary and supplementary PPC advertising solutions. With all of our Web marketing solutions, you can choose to work with us as much, or as little, as you desire.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the primary strategy used by law firms to market their services on the Web. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes two distinct online marketing initiatives to help deliver qualified visitors to your website(s): Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

Gladiator Law Marketing offers a wide range of SEM services.

Gladiator Law Marketing is uniquely positioned to deliver SEM solutions based on your current marketing needs and comfort level. Often, small- and medium-sized firms feel priced out of the Web marketing industry or pressured into contracts with a heftier price tag than they initially envisioned. Gladiator Law Marketing works to fill this gap by empowering our clients to set the terms of engagement – rather than the other way around. [Read about our Client Empowerment Model]

Getting Social Media to Work for Law Firms

Today’s consumers are adept at tuning out blatantly direct advertising they want to engage with businesses on their terms. This is exactly what Social Media Marketing delivers: It empowers your audience to participate at the level they are most comfortable with, while also empowering attorneys to market in new and innovative ways without breaking the bank.

The key to successfully leveraging social media marketing for your law firm is to ensure it is properly aligned with your objectives. Looking to increase case referrals? In need of brand promotion or greening? Wanting to support client relationships?

Managing return on investment (ROI) by ensuring your social marketing is geared toward defined objectives is the secret sauce of law firm social media campaigns.

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No law firm serious about expanding its Web marketing presence should underestimate the critical importance of an active, engaged social presence.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides a wide range of benefits for attorneys, including name/brand recognition, news/announcements platform, and even referral network marketing. But no benefit is more valuable than the ability of social media to tap directly into a broad social base of potential clients for your law firm.

Gladiator Law Marketing offers a wide range of social media services.

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