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Nationally recognized as a top web design agency for law firms. We provide custom-crafted designs that reflect your firm’s identity. Our designs go beyond aesthetics and are designed to deliver.



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Custom-crafted for your law firm, our website designs deliver the marketing strategies you rely on to foster engagement. Usability focused. SEO friendly. Results oriented. Designs that deliver.

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Attorney web design begins with deep research. Understanding your law firm is essential – knowing your competition is just as critical.

Our designs are informed by community trends, audience demographics, and usability data. Overlay this footwork with 20+ years of lawyer web design experience and attorneys can count on us to get it right.

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Law Firm Web Design

beyond pretty

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we believe in investing significant time in discovery. We truly want to understand you, your strategic goals, and what makes your firm unique. We invite you to join us in the creative process as we design a website that beautifully reflects your practice. But we go beyond just pretty. We focus on creating websites that actually work – attracting visitors and driving conversions.

How do we achieve this? It all starts with research. We dive deep into community trends, audience demographics, and usability data to learn what’s currently working in your market. This valuable insight, combined with your creative feedback and our expert analysis, allows us to craft a custom-tailored website design that maximizes conversions and increases the quality of cases your law firm signs.

Our design process at Gladiator Law Marketing is fully customized. We work hand in hand with you, discussing and documenting your design needs and preferences.

Whether you need a logo design, have established brand requirements, or even need the assistance of a videographer or photographer, we’ve got you covered. Our design team then takes all the available guidance and material to create an initial design comp for your review. Together, we’ll walk through the design concept, ensuring that the final result exceeds your expectations.

Stunning web design is not just about aesthetics. It’s about giving you the opportunity to make your case – showcasing your firm and convincing potential clients that you should be the one to represent them in court. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of marketing professionals have seen it all. We know the difference between a superficially pretty website and a custom-crafted design that actually brings in new clients. Just take a quick look at some of our law firm client websites, and you’ll see the personalized approach we take in our design process. No two designs look alike, and each one is tailor-made to fit the needs, preferences, and brand of the firm. We’re proud to work with lawyers across the country, helping them shine and secure new business.

But that’s not all. Our website designs aren’t just visually appealing and customized to your law firm’s brand; they are designed to deliver results. In other words, they’re like a Corvette – they need more than just good looks to excel. Here’s what we mean:

  • Speed – In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is in a hurry – especially online. If your webpage takes too long to load, users will quickly abandon it. In fact, Google even considers page loading speed as a significant factor when determining search rankings.
  • Mobile-Friendliness – Because more than half of your visitors will likely be accessing your site from a mobile device, it’s crucial that your website be designed to look great on any computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Conversion Optimization – Building a website that compels potential clients to take action is key. While the quality of your content and the credibility established by case studies and testimonials play a role, your website’s user interface design is equally important. Without the right structural elements in place, such as visible calls to action and easily navigable menus, even the most compelling lawyers may struggle to convert as effectively as they should.

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we understand the ins and outs of effective website design for law firms. Let us help you create a website that not only looks stunning but also drives real business results. Contact us today to get started!

Lawyer Website Design Structure


cover the basics

Whether the Gladiator Law Marketing design team is creating a new design for a law firm from scratch or enhancing an existing one, our first step is always to cover the basics. Surprisingly, even though lawyers have been marketing on the Web for decades, many designs still fail to meet all the basic requirements.

All lawyer websites should ensure these fundamentals: consistent, easily accessible contact information; multiple contact options; consistent brand usage; credibility builders like results, awards and testimonials; description of your law firm’s services that is easy to understand. Remember to tell your own story – don’t be too generic.

Many law firm websites fail to meet all the basic requirements for an effective web design. Fundamentally, an attorney website design must first account for the following basic considerations before tackling more dynamic design elements:

  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Potential clients should easily find how they can reach you. Strategically place phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses on multiple pages, in the header or footer. Consistent and accurate NAP (name, address, phone number) information across the site is essential for local SEO. It boosts local search rankings and increases your firm’s visibility. By prioritizing contact details, you enhance user experience, drive conversions, and improve the results from your law firm’s website design.

  • TELL YOUR STORY: A law firm’s website design plays a crucial role in telling the firm’s story and connecting with potential clients. It should showcase the firm’s values, services, and what sets it apart. But it’s not just about information – it’s about building trust and standing out in a crowded market. Design elements should enhance and highlight the content, while the content should align perfectly with the design to maintain a cohesive brand identity. This creates an immersive experience that effectively communicates the firm’s narrative The right balance between design and content allows a law firm’s website to showcase their services and unique selling points, compelling potential clients to reach out.

  • ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY : A law firm’s website design can help establish credibility by incorporating elements that build trust and project professionalism. The use of custom photography, for instance, can humanize the firm, offering a more genuine experience than stock photos. Consistent branding throughout the website enhances the visual coherence and professionalism of the site, reinforcing brand identity and instilling confidence. Prominently highlighting attorney awards, recognitions, client testimonials, and notable case results in the website design helps bolster the firm’s credibility. The integration of these elements in the law firm’s website design not only fosters trust but also visually communicates the firm’s values, expertise, and reliability to potential clients.

Making sure a law firm’s website design covers these basics is just the starting point. Our comprehensive design process employs both creative and data-driven strategies to address advanced web design elements. By working closely with your law firm throughout the design journey, the Gladiator team ensures that your website not only meets the fundamental requirements but also excels in more complex areas.

These include visual storytelling, well-structured content architecture, an engaging user experience (UX), effective conversion capture strategies, mobile responsiveness, advanced SEO support, and other professional-grade design elements.

Our goal is to deliver a custom-crafted web design that exceeds your expectations . . . , a website that stands out in both functionality and aesthetics.

Lawyer Design Responsive Mobile Websites

Professional-Grade Design


Creating a custom-crafted website design for your law firm involves more than just fulfilling basic requirements. It means applying advanced design strategies to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a professional-grade attorney website.

  • Aesthetics: The foundation of your website’s look and feel is built on seamless brand integration, an effective color scheme, and carefully selected typography. Visually rich photography of your team, offices, and local area helps connect with potential clients. The addition of videos, downloadable materials, awards, badges, and case/result profiles begins to form an impressive website framework.

    Form and Function: A website that fails to effectively tell your story, distinguish you from the competition, or persuade and convert visitors does little for your law firm, even if it achieves high traffic and good rankings. It’s akin to having a full courtroom in which you present an unconvincing argument.

    Your website’s design is a crucial element for the long-term success of your web marketing efforts. It’s not merely an aesthetic addition; it’s a strategic component that enhances all other web marketing investments.

  • Function: The functionality of your website encompasses both the user-friendly frontend experience and a series of technical strategies on the backend that improve overall performance. Search engines, ad platforms, and users interact with your site’s backend functionality, which is as crucial as the frontend. The choice of content management system significantly affects content architecture, navigation structure, and programming efficiency. Elements like metadata, XML files, and schema markup communicate intentions to search engines, while image optimization, third-party integration, and programming efficiency affect load speed and performance metrics.

    There are numerous considerations in your law firm’s website design that impact performance. Choosing a law firm web design agency that provides professional-grade services is crucial to ensure high performance, even in the elements that are not immediately visible.

We understand the importance of your web marketing investments. Working together, we can maximize your return on investment (ROI), starting with a website design that effectively converts visitors into clients.

Gladiator Law Marketing is dedicated to delivering custom-crafted law firm web designs that excel in both form and function. We aim to make your website look exceptional and perform exceptionally. Get a Quote


design awards

The Gladiator Law Marketing design team takes immense pride in being recognized by numerous national and highly competitive design contests, including receipt of two prestigious Webby Awards.

Described by The New York Times as “The Internet’s Highest Honor,” the Webby Award is a global recognition that showcases exceptional internet talent from around the world. In the 25th Annual Webby Awards, we were honored to be in the company of high-profile winners like Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, and Gordon Ramsay, as well as other notable nominees and winners, including Amazon, Adobe, CNN, Disney, Google, Hulu, Marvel Entertainment, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, Spotify, and UNICEF. Renowned personalities such as Cardi B, Brené Brown, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Garner, Rob Gronkowski, Ryan Reynolds, LeBron James, and Barack Obama were also recognized. Gladiator Law Marketing is proud to be part of this esteemed group.

Our recent achievements include winning two Webby Awards for our exceptional web design for the Gilleon Law Firm in San Diego, CA. These awards were the Webby Award, selected by a panel of judges, and the Webby People’s Voice Award, chosen by popular vote, both highlighting our industry-leading design capabilities.

Beyond the Webby Awards, our custom-crafted lawyer designs have also been honored with numerous WebAwards, Davey Awards, W3 Awards, and others. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond professional accolades; we continually receive outstanding reviews and client testimonials, such as the following from Attorney Trista Price (Colorado):

“I had the best experience working with Gladiator. During a challenging time when I was transitioning away from a business partner, Gladiator made me feel confident from our first interaction. After speaking with several firms, I was certain I made the right choice when I saw the incredible design of my new website. The attention to detail and quality left me speechless. Working with Sherry on monthly SEO, Gladiator continues to exceed expectations at every turn. Their team is not only proficient but also a joy to work with. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”
Gladiator Law Marketing Web Design


With a 95% client retention rate and extensive experience in lawyer-specific web design nationwide, we cherish the accolades our client designs have received. They mirror the high standard of our work and our bespoke approach to each project. However, the truest measure of our success is the satisfaction of clients and their ability to attract new business through our designs.


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