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How Lawyers Can Use AI to Improve Client Intake

Client intake is often the first of many administrative processes that law firms engage in throughout the course of a legal case. The process of onboarding new clients can be time-consuming and prone to errors, impacting the overall client experience and the firm's productivity. Clients, who are often experiencing the most troubling period of their lives, can also become frustrated by the steps needed to get them in the door. Efficiently acquiring a client’s [ ... ] [Read More]

SEO Strategies for Specialized Legal Practice Areas

Law firms are growing at a record pace in the U.S. While that’s great news for the profession overall, it also means increased marketing competition — especially for those in specialized types of law practices. If you don’t yet have an online presence or are struggling to build one, this news may make you panic a bit. Fortunately, understanding law firm SEO strategies can help. With good SEO for lawyers, you gain visibility and out-market your competition. Still, [ ... ] [Read More]

Understanding Local SEO for Employment Lawyers

As a lawyer, you likely have two goals — winning cases for your clients and finding more clients to serve. Often, having success in legal cases is easier than creating marketing ROI for lawyers. Still, you need to have a steady stream of clients coming in to grow your firm the way you’d like. Fortunately, having a solid strategy for local SEO can push you toward this goal and provide significant marketing ROI for attorneys. Simply put, understanding local SEO is [ ... ] [Read More]

Google Review Management for Lawyers

How To Respond to Negative Law Firm Reviews

Ouch! It really stings when someone writes a negative review on social media about your law firm or one of your attorneys. As you begin to read, your eyes get big, you start to hyperventilate, you scramble to see who wrote it, and... What you do next will define the experience going forward. Rather than stressing out and being filled with apprehension, let’s take a brief time out and think this over. Remember the old adage -- life is 10% what happens to you and 90% [ ... ] [Read More]

Content Marketing Tips for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Many clients looking for services from law firms will start their search online. This makes digital marketing vital for bankruptcy lawyers who wish to set themselves apart. With tens of thousands of bankruptcy attorneys across the country, a digital presence is critical to bankruptcy law firm growth. To solidify this presence, content marketing for lawyers offers solutions. Content marketing for bankruptcy lawyers is a powerful strategy for any bankruptcy attorney to [ ... ] [Read More]

Attorney Web Marketing

How To Get Your Law Firm on the First Page of Google

If you’re wondering how to get your law firm on the first page of Google, you’ll need to keep an eye on two very important developments: The rapid rise of AI-generated search results by ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, Perplexity, and more. The emergence of much more sophisticated marketing content techniques that employ multiple channels to reach potential clients. Google is no longer the only player in town when it comes to search, though it is still by far the largest. [ ... ] [Read More]

AI Legal Research

Can Lawyers Trust AI?

The trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI for lawyers depends on various factors. AI can serve as a valuable tool for tasks like legal research, document analysis, and even drafting certain documents, but its trustworthiness hinges on factors such as the quality of the AI model, the accuracy of the data it's trained on, and the context in which it's used. To an extent, lawyers can trust AI to perform certain tasks where it has demonstrated [ ... ] [Read More]

Law Firm AI Use

How Law Firms Can Use AI To Take on More Business

As more businesses across a broad spectrum of industries capitalize on artificial intelligence (AI) to make their internal processes more efficient; law firms need to consider how they too can use AI to streamline their cases and produce more opportunities to take on clients. For legal services, however, using AI is not as clear-cut as it is for other industries. Due to the sensitive nature of the law, as well as individual client circumstances, attorneys need to be [ ... ] [Read More]

Law Firm Growth Opportunities

How To See the Opportunities for Law Firm Growth

The old adage says that “business leaders need to work on their business as well as work in their business.” This is certainly true for attorneys who want to grow their law firms. In the legal business, professionals tend to be very good at worrying and seeing the crises, but are they as quick to see the opportunities? This is a question lawyers should ask themselves frequently so they can swiftly spot opportunities to expand their client list and increase [ ... ] [Read More]

AI Web Design for Law Firms

I Hear AI Can Design and Build My Website – Is that True?

As artificial intelligence continues to expand its capabilities and bandwidth, more and more human-driven industries and practices are set to see their roles and functions impacted or improved upon. In fact, AI is expanding at such a rate that criticism levied at its capabilities can be rendered redundant in a matter of months. One of the first disciplines to see an AI impact was the field of design as a whole – especially website design. Platforms like DALL.E and [ ... ] [Read More]

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