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I would highly recommend them for ALL your legal marketing needs

Attorney Jeremiah DenslowEXCELLENT LEGAL MARKETING COMPANY! I’ve worked with Lisa, Hallie and GLM for approximately four years now. They do a great job! I would highly recommend them for ALL your legal marketing needs, including website design, google pay per click/adwords management, google my business listings and more. Reasonably priced as well.” – Attorney Jeremiah Denslow (Ohio)

Unbelievable from start to finish

Attorney Michael Panella “Unbelievable from start to finish. From first contact with Michael, through the grueling process of creating a new tailored website from scratch with Hallie and team, working with Gladiator has been a true pleasure. I am especially impressed with the patience they exhibited with me throughout this process. The product they created for me is amazing. Highly recommend.” – Attorney Michael Panella (Florida)

Truly I was speechless

Attorney Trista Price “I’ve had the best experience working with Gladiator and I’m so fortunate to have found them. I contacted them during a really difficult time when I was parting ways with a business partner and wasn’t sure what my future held. I interviewed several marketing firms but none were the right fit. Some didn’t even return my calls. In my first interaction, they made me feel so confident. I was 100% sure I made the right call when they showed me proof of my amazing website. Truly I was speechless. The quality, the design, the focus on detail. Since then I’ve been working with Sherry on monthly SEO and they’ve just been hitting it out of the park at every turn. They are also good people and a joy to work with. I couldn’t recommend more highly.” – Attorney Trista Price (Colorado)

They are an excellent marketing company

Attorney Rebekah Lusk “I have been a client of Gladiator for quite a few years. They are an excellent marketing company. They work with you to understand the unique goals of your firm and create the marketing plan targeted for the goals of your firm. They are very responsive, easy to work with and are very effective with their marketing. They allow me to focus on being a lawyer and not have to worry about constantly marketing. I highly recommend them.” – Attorney Rebekah Lusk (Maryland)

They Have the Answers

New York City “I made the choice of Gladiator Law Marketing due to having over 10 years in the business, several with members of the Gladiator team. We have been working together for years. Gladiator is straightforward in their pricing, upfront on what they can and cannot do, and they don’t give excuses. They provide the answer… not the answer you want to hear, but the real answer. How many vendors will actually tell you the truth? They’re few and far between, especially in the Internet arena.” Gladiator is not looking to be the biggest, but they do strive to beat them day in and day out. We were a start-up business in 2013, and within two years of working together we have grown from one employee to eight with expectations of another four people being added in 2015. Gladiator is our sole marketing company and will continue to be for years to come.

They are a boutique organization that comes with the background and experience of a national organization. Try finding that in the marketplace!!!” – Richard Sabatino (New York, NY)

surpassed all my expectations

Alabama Injury Lawyer “In the past 10 years, I have worked with several SEO and website design companies. I have flown all over the country meeting different teams and Gladiator Law Marketing goes above and beyond any one I have ever worked with in the past. One of my big issues with SEO companies was the lack of communication on what was being done for my site and lack of reporting. Hallie, Adam and Lisa have surpassed all my expectations and I am very impressed with their constant focus on improving my site’s ranking. Thank you guys for all your hard work!” – Attorney Deepti Asthana (Alabama)


Criminal Defense Lawyer “I’m absolutely pleased with my work with Gladiator Law Marketing. I feel like the strategies take the long view. The way it’s been done, everything is geared toward sustainable, long-term success – and that’s important to me. But even in the short run, it’s been fantastic. I get business from my website every day – multiple times a day.

“I have worked with other marketing companies in the past, and I think what sets Gladiator apart is trustworthiness. It starts with their fair pricing and transparency, and it characterizes our relationship. I don’t feel like I’m getting any slick marketing talk from them. And I can appreciate that. Every day, companies solicit my marketing business, and it’s slick talk and a lot of it contains promises. It doesn’t feel real. I appreciate the real talk, the honesty. They don’t over-promise and under-deliver like others.

“I highly recommend Gladiator – just not to my competition! (In fact, people ask me all the time who does my marketing… too bad for Gladiator, I keep it hush, hush.)” – Attorney Dan Carman

Well Run Company

Georgia Lawyer “Great marketing ideas. Knowledgeable account representatives. Marketing team, webpage designer, and owner all stay involved with the client throughout the relationship. Well-run company.” – Attorney Matt Stoddard

I’m Signing Up Cases

Attorney David Mann “I started working with Gladiator a year ago and it has been a great year. Lisa and her crew are easy to work with. We have regular meetings to discuss our results. I am signing up cases as a result of their work. Gladiator has even helped me on another social media project that was unrelated to my law practice. They have been very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone (except my competition)! – Attorney David Mann

Very Happy to Work with GLM

Austin Lawyer Chip Evans “I was given the name of Lisa Vaughn and Gladiator Marketing by a trusted colleague of mine. From my first conversation with them I felt they had my firm’s best interests in mind and that we were working as a team. They are a nice group of people that seem to understand my marketing goals. They are also able to quickly adapt to any changes or additions that need to be made. The website they designed for me reflects my personality and my desires as far as the online image I want to portray. I have found their pricing to be very reasonable and their invoices to be clear and very helpful in understanding what exactly we are doing to push the marketing rock up the hill. I am very happy to be associated with Gladiator.” – Attorney Chip Evans

Blown Away

Maryland Injury Lawyer “One of the problems I’ve had with past vendors is that they couldn’t keep the website current – there wasn’t consistent effort being applied. Consequently, they couldn’t consistently maintain and grow my search engine rankings. I’ve not had these same problems with Gladiator – they’ve exceeded my expectations. I’m still blown away by their product and how they go about handling their business. I’m just so happy and blessed to be working with them. Not only am I seeing results in the search engine rankings, but the phones are ringing!

“I always felt when I called other companies that I’ve worked with, that they really didn’t want to be talking to me, that I was bothering them. These Gladiator guys are really jacked up about what they do – and it’s evident – they not only talk the talk but walk the walk. The passion for what they do is so apparent every time I have an interaction with the Gladiator team. And it’s reflected in the results.

“My business objectives are to bring in new, quality cases and improve our profits. We’re on pace to have a better year this year, and last year was better than the year before. We meticulously track our cases, and it’s not a coincidence that this growth coincided with when we started work with Gladiator.” – Attorney Steve Heisler (Baltimore, MD)

Great to Work With & Great Work

Attorney John Feroleto

“The Gladiator team is great to work with; they are responsive, patient and do great work. I appreciate Lisa’s wisdom and deep experience in design, and advice on search engine optimization!” – Attorney John Feroleto

True Experts in the Field

Attorney Don Tittle “In my 25 years of practice, Lisa Vaughn, and her firm Gladiator Law Marketing, is/are far and away the best legal marketing group I have worked with. Lisa Vaughn has distinguished herself as a true expert in the field. Regardless of the question or request, Lisa has a solution. Lisa and Nicole did a stellar job on my website, and they continue to offer me valuable insight on a regular basis. My website is tailored exactly the way I had envisioned it… and then some. They did an outstanding job customizing my website, and I highly recommend their work to anyone! In fact, I already have! – Attorney Don Tittle

Instrumental in Attracting New Clients

Attorney John Martin “In 2013, I joined forces with a longtime friend, transforming my solo practice into our small firm. That transition required a change in both name and location, as well as a new marketing plan. We knew that we needed help in developing our new presence and firm brand. Gladiator Law Marketing provided exactly the help we needed and more and were highly responsive to all of our requests. Lisa and her team worked in partnership with us to create both a website and firm logo that reflect the quality of the legal services we provide our clients. That web presence, in particular, has been instrumental in attracting new clients to our firm, who call us knowing not only who we are and what we do but trusting in our commitment to professionalism.” – Attorney John C. Martin

Exceeded My Expectations

Attorney John Colvin

“I approached Gladiator Law Marketing upon the recommendation of fellow attorneys who recommended the Gladiator Team after hearing of my displeasure with the ‘one-size fits all, cookie cutter approach’ of most SEO and website development firms that market to lawyers and law firms. Not only were my preferences reflected in their design proposal, but the final design exceeded my expectations and was in absolute sync with my firm’s overall objectives.

“Being a solo practitioner, it is reassuring to know that there is a website development and marketing firm for attorneys that is market savvy and technically agile, as opposed to the big box legal marketing firms that essentially provide the usual run of the mill, off the rack, one-size fits all approach with their never ending contracts and commitments.” – Attorney John Colvin [PDF: Read John’s Complete Testimonial]

I’m Getting Triple the Value I was Getting with Previous Vendors

South Carolina Lawyer “I’ve been in this for a long time, probably 20 years of marketing on the Web, and it’s been a learning process. Most importantly, what I learned is that if you go with a company that is too big, you get passed around before anything gets done and they nickel-and-dime you, so you end up paying too much. And I’ve learned that the passion of my vendor is important. I never expected to end up with someone who really cared, who was about more than making money. Past vendors were, honestly, about doing the minimum amount of work to get the most amount of money out of me. That is the opposite with Gladiator – I get the maximum amount of work for the minimum amount of money.

“I can’t walk out of my office or swing a dead cat without someone saying they saw me online or commenting what an amazing social campaign we have. My work with Gladiator is absolutely crucial to people keeping us top of mind. It is absolutely critical and keeps the flow of business going smoothly. This is not an exaggeration, but I can tell you I’m getting triple the value I was getting with previous vendors – I’m not joking!

“Without hesitation, I would absolutely recommend Gladiator. If you can get Gladiator to do your Web campaign you should not look any further, period. I can’t possibly imagine working with another vendor.” – Attorney Bert Louthian (Columbia, SC)

No Cookie-Cutter Marketing

Attorney Julie Butcher “Gladiator Legal Marketing gets it. They know all attorneys are not alike, and they don’t make cookie-cutter marketing plans or websites like some of their competitors. We have received all positive feedback on our new design. Lisa Vaughn has assembled an incredibly talented and responsive team. I enjoy working with them and trust they have my business’s best interest at heart. – Attorney Julie Butcher

Get It Done Right

“I highly recommend Lisa Vaughn and her team at Gladiator. I met Lisa about 10 years ago and have consistently been impressed with her innovative thinking and results-oriented approaches. When you engage Lisa & her team, they will become more than just a vendor. They become integrated members of your team, dedicated to your business and results. You can always count on Lisa to get things done – and get them done right.” – Nicole Cerullo, Law Firm Marketing Director

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