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The Follow-Up: An Essential Part of Law Marketing 

May 15, 2018   |   Written by GLMadmin
What Is Good Content for a Law Firm Website? As you build a digital marketing strategy, much of the focus lies on building your appeal to potential clients. You will learn how to identify topics that reflect the interests and concerns of your prospects. As you build this strategy, you will open yourself up to your community and establish yourself as a resource that people can use when they have questions. Creating this reputation and building this wealth of content, however, is only the first step. To effectively leverage your strategy, you also need to consider the next step: the follow-up.

What does it mean to effectively follow up?

As prospects engage with your website, they will reach out to you with their questions and concerns. You may receive inquiries or replies related to cases that your firm will likely not take on. It can be tempting to just disregard these messages and focus instead on the questions and comments that come from those you are most likely to accept as clients. This habit, however, can quickly derail your digital marketing strategy. On the internet, reputations can quickly spread. Customers place an enormous amount of trust in the opinions of others, particularly their friends and family members. According to Nielsen, these recommendations are the most trusted form of marketing. This means that you want to cultivate a positive reputation across your digital properties. If people feel as though you regularly ignore them and their needs, even if they are not reaching out to you with a relevant case or question, they will gain a negative impression of your firm. This poor reputation can spread through social media and word-of-mouth, making people less inclined to reach out to you, and hampering the success of your efforts. On the other hand, if you take the time to actively engage with users, regardless of how relevant their concern or case is for your firm, you can build a positive, helpful reputation. People will know that they can trust you to provide them with assistance. This will encourage people to actively engage on your pages. It will also encourage people to give you a positive review and recommendation. Even if the person who asked you a question will not need your help, they may have a friend or family member who will.

How do you follow up effectively in digital marketing?

You want to focus on providing prompt replies to the questions or comments that your firm receives. When someone fills out a contact form on your website or reaches out to you on social media, respond to them as soon as possible. Of course, you will not be able to provide legal help or guidance for every inquiry you receive. As you establish yourself in the legal field, you should naturally cultivate connections with other firms. Have a list of trusted firms that you can provide referrals to. Let the person know that you will not be able to help them but offer them the contact information for someone who will. Even if you cannot help directly, be sure to respond to each message that comes through. You will appear trustworthy and reliable. Building a digital strategy requires more than just putting out fantastic content. You need to let your audience know that you value them and their time. By building a positive reputation online, you will be able to expand your reach and cultivate new clients. Remember to be courteous and helpful to all people who reach out to you. In the age of social media, everything can be relevant to your success.


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