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SEO for Divorce Lawyers: Everything You Need To Know

It can be very tough to rank highly on Google’s search engine as a divorce law firm.

Divorce law is highly competitive, with many large national and local firms all vying for the same clients. To ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of showing off your law firm to potential clients, you must make certain your divorce lawyer SEO is up to par.

That includes several technical and content-based steps. This is your go-to guide for SEO for divorce lawyers and contains all the information you need about how SEO can improve your business and what you need to do to see these results.

Let’s jump right in.

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SEO’s Role in Your Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is Essential for Marketing Strategy

SEO is a fantastic way to use analytics to analyze what issues your potential clients need help with and allow you to pivot your entire marketing strategy to focus on resolving those issues.

If you use SEO-friendly content to attract a potential client to your website’s blog, you can use retargeting technology to promote your law firm to these visitors in Google or Facebook Ads.

Implementing multiple touchpoints makes you stand a much better chance of converting leads into clients. Potential clients also highly respect your brand if you have provided insightful and educational content, making them more likely to choose your firm.

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Essential Elements of Your SEO Campaign

An effective SEO campaign will bring your firm more potential clients

A successful SEO campaign has three essential aspects: content marketing, local SEO, and technical SEO. Your law firm will see a significant increase in high-value traffic when you successfully tackle all three.

However, all three are tricky to master without SEO expertise, which is why using SEO agencies such as Gladiator Law Marketing is essential.


Google factors in distance from the searcher when ranking law firms.

First, let’s look at the content aspect of any SEO campaign. The content you create for your family law firm website needs to be made with intent. Don’t simply create content because you feel like you should.

Each piece of content you create needs to carefully consider what your potential clients want to see, answer all the potential questions they may have, and offer helpful information.

Not only that, but it needs to be linked with other content you produce to ensure that you build a solid web of interlinking content on particular subjects. Google likes to see that you have completely covered any client questions regarding a particular topic to deem you a reputable source of information.

On-Page Optimization

Producing high-value content is essential, but if you don’t optimize it for your readers and search engines, it will have nowhere near the traction it could have.

There are several on-page optimization steps you need to consider. For starters, you need to implement a flat URL structure to eliminate the possibility of sub-directory folders. This ensures that the crawl Google does of your website is quick and easy. The more complicated the crawl through your website, the less friendly Google will deem your site to be.

When writing content about specific subjects, identify and include keywords and phrases you expect your customer to search for. This shows Google you have expertise in the area you are discussing.

When was the last time you checked the speed of your website? Including those extremely hi-res images might seem like a good idea, but if they slow download times, that could damage your SEO reputation and, therefore, how well you rank.

Next, when you write a new piece of content on a subject you already have content written for, link to it! Interlinking your content on your website helps solidify your content web and shows Google how much content you have covered on a particular subject.

Keyword Research

Establishing the questions your target clients input into search engines when looking for divorce or family law attorneys should be the foundation of what content you produce. If the content you produce does not align with the keywords your target audience is searching for in Google, you are missing out on significant potential traffic.

SEO keyword research is more manageable with tools, but can still be extremely complex and confusing. At Gladiator Law Marketing, we are well-versed in keyword research for divorce attorneys and have the ability to identify the best keywords for your law firm.

Link Building

Gaining more traction on your website and improving your divorce lawyer’s SEO is impossible without developing a detailed and robust link-building strategy.

Link building involves the process of gathering backlinks from reputable offsite websites that all link to your website. Google values reputable backlinks highly, as they show you are valued as a legitimate source of information on that subject.

Sign Up to Review Sites

Customers are savvier to marketing campaigns than ever before. They expect businesses to tell them how great they are, but this no longer has the influence that it once did.

However, social proof is one way of convincing potential clients that you are right for them that still works. It is a fantastic way to spread the word of your family law practice, so always ask clients to leave a review of their experience with your family law firm on Google.

Having positive reviews on reputable review websites like Google or Trust Pilot is an excellent way to improve your reputation and credibility with the Google search algorithm, and it is excellent for family law SEO.

Local SEO

SEO is an excellent tool all divorce lawyers should be using.

Local search engine optimization is just as important for your law firm as content marketing and technical SEO. As a divorce law firm, chances are you want to focus mainly on potential clients in your area, and this needs to be reflected in your SEO activity and keyword selection.

Google also sees it this way and will factor in the distance the searcher is from your brand as a major aspect of their rankings. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your website clarifies where your practice is based and which areas you serve. Be sure to add your Google My Business profile.

Directories and Citations

You need to make certain your law firm is listed in key directories such as Avvo and Justia, as this process will ensure there are relevant links going back to your firm’s website.

Getting listed in directories also expands your visibility in search results too. Just be careful that you avoid bad reputation directories. Google will regard this as bad behavior and mark you down for link spamming.

Claim Your Google My Business Profile

Obtaining a Google My Business profile is very simple and free, but it has a massive impact on your website’s SEO ranking. Taking this step allows you to confirm key details, including the name of your divorce law firm, when you are open, what your website link is, and where you are located.

To obtain your profile, head to Select your primary business category as a divorce attorney, update your service options and location, and then verify your business.

This adds another reputable backlink to your website and helps you score points with the Google SEO algorithm as a legit and reputable source in your field.

Technical SEO

Finally, there is technical SEO to consider for your law firm. Technical SEO refers to any SEO techniques you use to make it simpler for Google to crawl your divorce and family law website.

A Google crawl involves analyzing your website’s data to establish what your site covers and when to rank it highly for its users. Therefore, you need to ensure your website is more straightforward to crawl than the websites of competing local family law firms, so that Google values your content above theirs and ranks it higher.

We often see common technical SEO issues with our clients, including duplications of  content, imagery without alt text, title tags that are too long, no meta descriptions, and pages unsuitable for mobile. A technical SEO expert can correct these issues and more to align your website with what Google wants to see.

Technical issues such as duplicate content can occur over time, and sometimes you need an outside expert to come in and complete a full audit on your site to establish where your brand could be more competitive.

SEO for Divorce Lawyers: Does it Work?

When creating a marketing strategy for your law firm, SEO must play a significant role in that plan.

SEO can work as its own entity, but it is also excellent for supporting other parts of your marketing plan.

With a properly managed SEO campaign, traffic and conversions increase and profits for your law firm will improve.

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Measuring SEO Results

Setting up an SEO campaign is essential, but if you aren’t tracking campaign performance, you won’t be able to establish which aspects are working and which need a little more support.

As mentioned, SEO criteria are constantly changing, so you should constantly evaluate your site performance, keeping on top of your domain reputation and SEO performance.

The most successful divorce law firms understand this, and partner with legal SEO agencies to keep their content and website up to date, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of their brand.

How We Can Help Your SEO Campaign

As you can tell by now, SEO for family law has plenty of challenges, and it is a job that is never truly finished. SEO best practices frequently change as the Google algorithm updates, and one thing that may have worked in previous years might no longer be a suitable approach.

That is why it is so important to partner with a reputable legal SEO agency experienced in helping divorce lawyers improve their rankings online.

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we are highly experienced in divorce law and SEO best practices, making us the perfect team to take your brand to the next level. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help improve your law firm’s SEO ranking and help increase how many potential clients view your brand.

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