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10 Ways YOU Can Market Your Law Firm

December 14, 2018   |   Written by GLMadmin
21 Marketing Ideas for Small Law Firms Advertisements offering complex plans for marketing your law firm are plentiful – and their price tags expensive – but there are a lot of simple and cost-effective marketing techniques you can pursue to raise your firm’s visibility, according to the American Bar Association. Some of the ABA’s recommended tips are common sense and others may cause an “aha!,” but all are worth considering. 1.) Some lawyers believe that if you do good work, people will automatically come to you. They are wrong. People need reminders.  Contact three to five potential referral sources a week—EVERY WEEK, regardless of how busy you are.  Arrange to meet for coffee, drinks or a meal. This is much more effective than reaching out only when business is slow. 2.) At business receptions, ask organizers to allow you to be a greeter. This gives you a great reason to introduce yourself to people and get their business cards. 3.) If you have a practice-related blog, write posts with information that’s truly useful to business targets. More often than not, that doesn’t include descriptions of how competent you are or how well-known your firm is. 4.) Your firm’s holiday card is probably one of many that clients or potential clients receive. Find another holiday (or make one up) that you enjoy and that complements your practice and send clients greeting cards on that occasion. Separating yourself from other, similar messages is of real value. 5.) Think hard about who your target market is and where the decision-makers are located.  Who are they?  What makes them tick? Customize your correspondence and marketing messages to them rather than sending generalized mass emails or brochures.  Use first and last names whenever possible. 6.) When you meet a potential client, focus on his or her immediate needs. It may have nothing to do with your practice. Maybe that person’s immediate need is to find a dentist. If you know one and can connect them, there’s a better chance the person will think of you when services you offer are needed. 7.) Organize a monthly dinner group of law school classmates, varying the practice areas so attendees have greater referral opportunities. 8.) Develop a marketing plan around activities you enjoy. If you like to write, think about an electronic newsletter. If you connect better with people one on one, consider volunteer work with an activity that complements your practice. 9.) Focus on good lawyers who are your contemporaries when thinking about potential referral sources. More experienced and longtime lawyers already have people to whom they refer cases. 10.) Don’t adopt a false marketing persona. Be yourself and figure out the best way to present yourself in a way you find appealing. Looking for more nifty ideas from the ABA about how to leverage inexpensive marketing techniques to increase your client portfolio?  Check back here frequently at Gladiator Law Marketing blog to discover ways to market your firm.


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