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AI Lawyer

Is AI Smarter than a Lawyer?

When it comes to the law, not many people would substitute the expertise of attorneys in favor of artificial intelligence (AI). A single mistake can be incredibly costly for clients, whether that mistake is realized in the form of inadequately drafted contracts or a failure to grasp the intricacies of a dispute. Here, the cost of a mistake can far outweigh the expense of hiring a competent lawyer. This has dissuaded many a person from opting to use AI for legal advice or as a tool for do-it-y...

Law Firm Staff

How to Make Your Law Firm Staff Feel Appreciated

A happy workforce is a productive workforce.  When employees feel appreciated and valued, they will go the extra mile to finish a legal brief, deliver documents to a courthouse, and answer your law firm telephones with cheerfulness and compassion. The intrinsic value of satisfied law firm staff cannot be overstated.  When a potential client calls your firm or walks into your office reception area, they can sense the atmosphere and assess within minutes whether your law firm is the...


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