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Today’s digital marketing environment is a dynamic landscape, shifting with AI-driven algorithms and aggressive competition. It demands technical expertise for law firm SEO success.

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What to Look for in a Marketing Agency for Lawyers – Everything You Need to Know

Like any law firm, chances are you would benefit from attracting more leads for your law practice. More leads result in more paying clients, which results in more revenue for your business.

You may even have executed some marketing strategies in the past, but now you have reached a point where you need external support to increase your online marketing efforts and take your law firm to the next level.

But how do you know which law firm marketing agency is right for you?

Below are a few tips and tricks to selecting the perfect legal marketing agency for your law firm marketing goals.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Agency

What are your marketing goals?

Before rushing out to start looking for legal digital marketing agencies, you must first decide precisely what you want them to achieve. While it sounds obvious, this is a step that many law firms miss, and it can be costly down the line.

To achieve this, you must first establish your key marketing goals and who your target audience is.

For example:

  1. How many new leads are you expecting to gain in the short and long term?
  2. What impact on your new client figures are you expecting legal marketing agencies to achieve?
  3. What kind of ROI can you expect?
  4. What is your marketing budget to achieve these goals?

Do they have a track record of helping similar law firms?

One of the biggest questions you must ask when choosing the right digital marketing agency for your law firm is whether they already have experience in the legal industry. As you already know, marketing in the legal industry differs significantly from marketing for other industries and therefore requires a unique set of skills and knowledge.

While some believe that marketing is marketing, no matter what sector it is in, law firms operate under their own rules and restrictions. You need a marketing agency that understands those limitations.

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we have helped many law firms throughout North America, and we are always using our knowledge to help them increase their organic and paid traffic through our marketing strategies. Our team has more than two decades of combined experience in all types of legal marketing and are ideally positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Are they capable of helping you achieve your goals?

Another aspect to consider when selecting law firm marketing services to team up with is whether or not they have the capacity to help you achieve your goals. Ask whether they can balance your requirements with their current workload and how much hands-on support they will offer you.

It is also worth understanding which marketing areas they specialize in, as not all law firm marketing agencies offer every single form of marketing support. For example, one might be an expert in search engine optimization, but if they don’t also provide PPC support, they might not be the right marketing company for you.

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we provide several marketing services and offer comprehensive support to our clients across all aspects of their marketing strategy. We specialize in law firm digital marketing services and understand your needs and requirements much better than a general marketing agency. Legal digital marketing is all we do.

As you would expect, a marketing agency knows how to promote itself! While hearing about how great the agency is from the company itself is great, what adds more value is hearing the same excellent reviews from real-life customers.

Gladiator Law Marketing has a high client rating, which you can access from our website or on our  Google My Business profile. We genuinely believe in what we provide our clients; as a result, we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate, which is significantly higher than the industry average.

Do they offer a trial run?

Any respectable marketing agency that specializes in law firm marketing will allow you the opportunity to start small and grow your relationship from there.

Don’t be tempted by agencies that offer you a low rate for handing over full control immediately, as things might sound too good to be true.

Ask yourself why they wouldn’t offer you the chance to dip your toes first. Perhaps it is because they know that better quality services are available to you, and you will realize that, too. Testing your chosen marketing agency will allow you to understand whether or not they can truly deliver on your requirements.

At Gladiator Law Marketing, we understand you want to lower your financial risk. We offer you the chance to try our agency on a smaller basis, as we are confident you will quickly realize how much we can bring to your law firm.

Final Thoughts

Any law firm’s marketing strategy should focus on a multi-channel approach. As a result, new traffic and leads will come from a wide variety of areas, including law firm SEO, user experience on the website, pay-per-click, social media, and other outlets.

When you try to balance this while running your law firm, things can quickly become overwhelming. In truth, most law firms don’t have enough time or technical expertise to continue running the necessary marketing channels, much less staying on top of the metrics.

Outsourcing this work to a full-service marketing agency may sound easy. Still, if you are not careful, you might find yourself stuck with a legal marketing company that is overcharging and underdelivering.

Get in touch with Gladiator Law Marketing today, and we can talk to you about our near-perfect customer satisfaction score and how we support law firms like yours across the country.


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