Adam Draper, Owner & CEO

Adam is never short of a diverse point of view. Having served for seven years as an Air Commando, he has seen humanity at its finest and its worst. From war-torn countries to hostage rescues to natural disasters, Adam has experienced multiple opportunities to fine-tune his problem-solving abilities. Combine those abilities with a relentless drive and you have Adam in a nutshell: an entrepreneur.

At Gladiator, no day is ever the same for Adam. His routine responsibilities include most administrative duties such as accounting or HR. He is also heavily involved in our sales process and on-going client relations. Ultimately, Adam is primarily concerned with preserving and driving the Gladiator Vision to maximize client results.

Outside of work, Adam is a believer of constant improvement. He recently earned his MBA from the University of Louisville after being a lifelong University of Kentucky fan and alumnus. Adam is an outdoor enthusiast. He spends his time mountain biking in the warm months, skiing in the cold, and playing with his German Shepherd named Benji.

Web Marketers for Lawyers

The Gladiator Law Marketing Team

Please meet the Gladiator Law Marketing team of Web experts and genuinely nice people. For a law firm’s Web marketing campaign to deliver the best results, your team has to fully understand you, where you come from, who your people are and where you are going. Shouldn’t you know the same about us, too? Come meet the seasoned professionals and fun-loving group that is Gladiator Law Marketing.

Adam Draper
Owner, CEO
Lisa M. Vaughn
Founding Owner & President
Nick Farmen
Web Developer
Sherry Hale
Project Manager
Hallie Huff
Project Manager
Nicole Longo
Project Manager
Ashley Merry
Web Designer
Michael Renfro
Rachel Reynolds
Jacob Smith
SEO Manager
Mason van Lunenburg
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