The Gladiator Team

Are you bored with the dog-and-pony show other marketing companies display? Are you looking to talk with ‘real people’ – not sales reps? Please meet the Gladiator Law Marketing team of Web experts and genuinely nice people.

For a law firm’s Web marketing campaign to deliver the best results, your team has to fully understand you, where you come from, who your people are and where you are going. Shouldn’t you know the same about us, too? Come meet the seasoned professionals and fun-loving group that is Gladiator Law Marketing.

Adam Draper, CEO / Owner

Law Firm Marketer, Adam DraperAdam Hunt Draper is never short of a diverse point of view. Having served for seven years as an Air Commando, he has seen humanity at its finest and its worst. From war-torn countries to hostage rescues to natural disasters, Adam has experienced multiple opportunities to fine-tune his problem-solving abilities. Combine those abilities with a relentless drive and you have Adam in a nutshell: an entrepreneur.

Ashley Merry, WebMaster

Ashley MerryAshley Merry joined the Gladiator Law Marketing team in May of 2015 as a Webmaster. She started designing and drawing from a very young age and knew she wanted a career that used her creative abilities. In 2005 Ashley entered the school for Graphic Design at the Sullivan College of Technology and Design in Louisville, Kentucky. She quickly moved to web design when she took her first web class and fell in love with designing for the web. That led to her first professional job as a Front-end Developer at Sullivan University in 2007. While there, she also earned a B.S. in Marketing and graduated in 2009.

Bradley Thomas, WebMaster

Bradley ThomasBradley Thomas, fresh from the halls of the University of Kentucky, was invited to be a part of the Gladiator Law Marketing team in June of 2016. Brad began his education as a Mechanical Engineer major, but after a few semesters found a passion for programming. He soon moved into Computer Science, and graduated with his B.S. from UK in 2015. Brad was originally brought in as an extra set of hands, providing help wherever and whenever it was needed. Over time his responsibilities gradually grew among the GLM office until he became a fully fledged Gladiator in November.

Brian Kehl, Content Manager

brian-casualBrian Kehl started out with the intention of being a professional football player, but when that fizzed out in early high school fell back on writing. He did time as a journalist in the Southeast for a few years and went back to school and became an English professor, but still has hopes the Saints will come calling one day….

Charlie Smith, SEO Specialist

charlie-casualCharlie Smith joined the Gladiator team in January 2017 as a SEO Specialist. Upon graduating from Indiana University in 2008, he worked as a Web Developer, delivering robust websites to clients. After several years of development experience under his belt, Digital Marketing and SEO began to pique his interest—and the rest is history.

Ellie Blair, Project / Account Manager

ellie-casualEllie Blair started out in her career path just as most girls do…taking baseball stats at the local park, insisting on being on the team with all the boys, playing capture the flag and skinning her knees, oh wait, is that not what all the other girls did? A tomboy from the time she was able to run through her backyard, Ellie had a knack for trying to conquer every task, job, and sport that was only “meant for the boys.” She carried this insistence into her high school and college career. Never a person to be told she couldn’t do something, she made sure to prove that point long before anyone had the opportunity to tell her otherwise.

Lisa M. Vaughn, President / Owner

lisa-vaughnLisa Vaughn is a highly experienced Web-marketing specialist who has, for the last fifteen years, provided hundreds of attorneys results-driven Web marketing campaigns. There is a certain dynamism and enjoyment working with small and medium-sized law firms. As a hands-on owner, Lisa is grateful for the opportunity to partner with each client and work side-by-side to grow their practice. Whether she’s designing, programming, or knee-deep with a marketing campaign, each day offers a new opportunity to contribute to the success of our clients.

Mitch Kline, Content Manager

Mitch KlineMitch Kline got his Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo, but not suited for the limelight, fell naturally into legal writing. With a sharp mind and sound research skills, Mitch’s career has focused on copywriting within the legal field. When not in the arena wrestling the written word, Mitch is a devoted husband, father and Elton John fan(atic).

Nicole Longo, Project / Account Manager

Nicole LongoNicole Longo, born and raised in Upstate New York, has been working in the law web marketing arena for over a decade. She joined the Gladiator Law Marketing team less than a year after the company was started, and now she can’t imagine doing anything else. Building relationships with her clients and helping their campaigns succeed is what brings her satisfaction.

Seth Sparks, Social Marketer

Seth SparksSeth Sparks has worked in communications throughout his career. With experience as a radio host and newscaster, Seth also has professional experience in journalism – both print and digital. A background in copywriting, researcher for digital marketing companies, and social media combine to bring the best of Seth’s talents to work for Gladiator clients.

Seth Terp, SEO Specialist

Seth TerpSeth Terp was born in Fort Hood, Texas and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois where he spent much of his childhood tinkering with electronics. This early fascination with technology would serve him well, progressing into a rewarding career in web and media development, SEO and digital marketing. Over the past 10 years, Seth has built or assisted in the production of countless videos, websites and SEO campaigns across a wide variety of subjects. Of course, experience is important, but education and training play a major role in successful SEO and digital marketing. In keeping with this valuable lesson, Seth is sure to incorporate research and personal development in his daily life.

Sharon Averitt, Writer & Editor

Sharon AverittWhen Sharon Averitt wields her proverbial red pencil, you can be assured that your copy will be persuasive and stylistically correct. As a member of the Gladiator team, Sharon can help you conquer your market. For several years Sharon has written and edited web marketing materials for law firms. Previously, while judicial assistant to a federal judge, she helped craft judicial opinions and orders.

Sharona Nelson, Copywriter

SharonaSharona Nelson has spent her entire working life writing or communicating for her supper. Sharona has a vast amount of experience in learning technical, complex material on the fly and translating it into simple, declarative sentences. Her logical bent helps her achieve the accurate, readable copy she aspires to. She loves to geek out doing research. It’s her favorite part of her job with Gladiator.