Client Empowerment Model

Gladiator Law Marketing is client-centric, formulating our business practices around what is best for our clients. At the core of our Client-Empowerment Model is a transparent approach that provides law firms flexibility and freedom of choice in their Web marketing initiatives. [See Our Client Bill of Rights]

Freedom of Choice

Gladiator Law Marketing works for you, not the other way around. We appreciate your business, and our role is to make a positive contribution to your firm. At the end of the day, that means you’re the boss. You have the freedom to work with multiple vendors and consultants [Multi-Vendor Solutions].

You have the freedom to purchase Web Marketing services bundled or un-bundled. We provide strategic search and social marketing packages –or- you can order a la carte services –or- request custom Web marketing packages.

You even have the freedom to set the length and terms of your marketing agreement. Feel more comfortable with a 6-month contract? Perhaps the continuity of an 18-month agreement fits better? You have the freedom to tell Gladiator Law Marketing how you want to structure our arrangement.

It’s all about the Client-Empowerment Model

Your ability to be flexible in your Web marketing decisions is dependent on our willingness and commitment to be transparent.
Ever work with a Web consultant where you weren’t sure what you were getting for your investment? Where you weren’t certain about the deliverables agreed to? How can you make informed decisions without knowing?

Gladiator Law Marketing offers you freedom and flexibility in the choices you make by offering a transparent approach to law firm Web marketing.

Reach out and let’s talk about the best ways to make your Web presence work better for your law firm: 1(888)683-3212 or contact us online.