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Responsive web design on a tablet, laptop, and cell phone

Common Marketing Advice That Could Be Bad For Law Firms

The vast majority of marketing advice on the internet is geared toward consumerism. Ecommerce, entertainment, or a vast array of other products/services for people to fill their leisure time with. Law firms are just different. Most people do not begin to search for an attorney or show any interest in legal topics until they are in need of an attorney, so law firm marketing is just different. Build A Loyal Social Following – This has been the social media...

Recording Video to YouTube

“Log in to YouTube and Make all of our Videos Viral”

Law firm digital marketing agencies get a lot of crazy requests. But suggestions like the one in the title of this blog -- which showed up in a Readers' Digest story about freelancing -- can send a marketing account rep walking away holding his head in his hands. While we are incredibly blessed and grateful to work with savvy...


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