Web Marketing Audits

Law Firm Web marketing campaigns continue to grow in importance and complexity. A professional Web audit can help evaluate current strategies and performance, providing you with detailed analysis to help you make informed decisions about the direction of your Web marketing efforts.

While there are many automated audit tools on the Internet, it is important to understand why no two audit services are alike and what differentiates a professional Web campaign audit from other services.

Lisa Vaughn, Owner/Gladiator Law Marketing, personally manages all Web marketing audits. With over fifteen years of experience as a Web marketer, she has had the chance to review, evaluate, and implement recommendations from several dozen Web audits. Unfortunately, many of these audits were auto-generated templates and/or of limited value and, in the worst case, made recommendations that, had they been followed, would have had damaging effects on the campaign they intended to improve.

On the other hand, some professionally crafted campaign audits provide enough data and creative inspiration to guide an online marketing campaign for months.

Those campaign audits that ultimately deliver the most valuable results for law firms have the following characteristics in common:

  • Preparation. Significant preparation, including phone consultations and thorough review of all campaign documentation and materials.
  • Evaluation. Cross-platform analysis that covered all campaign initiatives, including websites, search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and all components that could be leveraged to maximize results.
  • Explanation. Delivery of well-organized, comprehensive audit materials.
  • Recommendation. In-depth explanation of audit findings and recommendations, including specific action items and suggested implementation schedule.
  • Communication. Series of follow-up conference calls to revisit the recommendations, answer any questions about the implementation of the audit findings, and discuss overall campaign performance post-audit.

Gladiator Law Marketing applies this same process (preparation – evaluation – explanation – recommendation – communication) to all professional Web campaign audits. Our law firm Web audits take into consideration each of the following as they influence your overall campaign performance:

  • Onsite Components, including HTML/XML site maps, canonicalization issues, programming framework and validation, content effectiveness, search engine accessibility, meta data, navigation and page structure, onsite media optimization, conversion considerations
  • Offsite Factors, including social signaling, external link building, business profile listings, paid-directory inclusions, content duplication issues, and more
  • Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting campaign tools, including Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Rankings Reports, and discussion about the internal mechanisms your business utilizes for lead-tracking

To be of most value to your Web marketing campaign, a professional audit must be tailored to your exact specifications. You may be interested in a Web campaign audit to evaluate a current vendor’s performance [See: SEO Surveillance], or you may be performing an internal checks-and-balances process to reaffirm your direction [See: Supportive Services for In-House Teams]. A marketing committee may often suggest an audit to identify new opportunities for the future, or a Web consulting firm may be looking for professional engagement to double-check their processes.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on Gladiator Law Marketing to invest the time and effort necessary to ensure that a professionally crafted audit is delivered, customized to help you succeed. [ Read More: Our Client Empowerment Model ]

Reach out and get started with a professional-grade Web marketing audit today: 1(888)683-3212 or contact us online.