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Gladiator Law Marketing provides custom, professional-grade design solutions for your law firm. Have you ever thought, “Law firm websites all look the same!!!” We know. We know. We’re tired of it, too. Generally, the problem is that designers don’t take the time to get to know your firm. Our designs are data-driven and based on best practices – but they are also inspired by you. They reflect your firm and therefore help you stand out from the crowd.

Going Beyond Pretty

Gladiator Law Marketing invests significant time getting to know your firm and encouraging your participation in the creative process. Additionally, a lawyer web design created by our team will be guided by research about your community, audience demographics, and usability data gleaned from other law firm websites (what has worked and what hasn’t).

Combining your feedback and our expertise with a solid foundation of data helps to ensure our Web designs are more than “just pretty,” but they deliver results. Data shows us that the more custom-crafted and accurate your website design is, the higher the conversion rate and the higher the quality of cases you receive. We help you connect with the “right” clients that are the best fit for your firm. One thing you’ll notice – no two of our designs look alike! Now that’s what we call custom-crafted design!

Our Client Examples

Louthian Law Firm, P.A. (Columbia, SC)

The website design for Louthian Law Firm concentrates on telling the firm’s story. This includes reflecting the traditional, low-key, welcoming character of the attorneys. In a competitive analysis of South Carolina, the firm’s greatest advantage was their culture, which differentiated them from the louder, more boisterous advertising of competitors. The design remained true to the identity of the firm and, consequently, the quality of their cases and overall conversion rate have skyrocketed.

“People are smart. People know when you’re faking it. And when you’re faking it, they don’t trust you – you don’t have any credibility. So I think it’s absolutely critical for people to know who you really, really are because that’s the only way you’re going to have any credibility. That’s the only way they’re going to trust you, and I think Gladiator has been very, very effective at communicating who we are in a very true and honest way. Our work with Gladiator is absolutely crucial to our business objectives and keeping the cases flowing.” – Attorney Bert Louthian

Wapner Newman (Philadelphia, PA)

The Wapner Newman website presented several significant challenges. The site was crippled by a poorly implemented content management system (CMS) that left the content disorganized and navigation disjointed – resulting in poor usability and SEO. In contrast to the website’s failures, the law firm – one of the largest advertisers in Philadelphia – was highly efficient, dynamic and growing. It was critical that the new website accurately reflect the scale and resources that the firm brings to bear for clients. To accomplish this myriad of objectives, Gladiator Law Marketing restructured the information architecture of the site and implemented a design that showcases the firm’s strengths. Since launch, the new website has delivered double-digit growth in SEO activity and usability data.

Kaplan Lawyers (New York, NY)

Kaplan Lawyers contacted Gladiator Law Marketing to engineer a Web marketing strategy that would generate immediate results for the new firm, while also managing a scaled implementation to grow the caseload over time. Step One was to build a website that could scale alongside the marketing, coupled with aggressive content development. From the day of its launch, the website design has been the springboard for the firm’s diversified and dynamic marketing campaign.

“We were a start-up business in 2013, and within two years of working together we have grown from one employee to eight with expectations of another four people being added in 2015. Gladiator is our sole marketing company and will continue to be for years to come. Gladiator is a boutique organization that comes with the background and experience of a national organization. Try finding that in the marketplace!!!” – Richard Sabatino

Julie Butcher Law Office (Lexington, KY)

From day one, the online marketing strategy focused on telling Julie’s narrative through her clients’ stories. Integral to the messaging for, was the seamless integration of client stories. Coordinating with the firm and clients, an onsite photo shoot captured the real stories of real clients, along with personnel and environmental shots. Also essential to the design objectives was the promotion of the firm’s brand, which was woven throughout the website. This custom-crafted approach did not focus exclusively on the homepage, but was applied throughout the design and layout of the website.

“Gladiator Law Marketing gets it. They know all attorneys are not alike, and they don’t make cookie-cutter marketing plans or websites like some of their competitors. Lisa Vaughn has assembled an incredibly talented and responsive team. I enjoy working with them and trust they have my business’s best interest at heart.” – Attorney Julie Butcher

Steve Heisler (Baltimore, MD)

Disappointed with his firm’s search engine optimization, Steve Heisler contacted Gladiator Law Marketing for a solution. A new website redesign was one facet of the solution, allowing for a new content structure, improved onsite SEO, and enhanced conversion rate. Attorney Steve Heisler is the firm’s brand, and an intentional effort was made to weave his personality throughout the design. This customization was coupled with an emphasis on content development and organization to provide a more supportive foundation for search engine visibility.

“My expectations have been exceeded. I’m still blown away by the product and how they go about handling their business. I’m just really, really so happy and so blessed to be able to work with them. Not only am I seeing results in the search engines, but the phones are ringing. We’re on pace to have a better year this year, and last year was better than the year before. We meticulously track our cases, and it’s not a coincidence that this growth coincided with when we started work with Gladiator.” – Attorney Steve Heisler

Colvin Law (Winchester, TN)

In a small town, like Winchester TN, relationships are still built on reputation, values and one’s word. For the website design to be successful, it was essential that it convey the credibility and character of the firm. While calls to action are seamless throughout, the primary driver of user engagement focuses on testimonials and value statements to connect with potential clients. Since launch, has received very favorable responses from existing, former and potential clients, helping to support the business development of the practice.

“I approached Gladiator Law Marketing upon the recommendation of fellow attorneys after hearing of my displeasure with the ‘one-size fits all cookie cutter approach’ of most web firms that market to lawyers. From my very first contact with Gladiator (GLM), it was readily apparent that the GLM Team took a different approach. The final design exceeded my expectations and was in absolute sync with my firm’s overall objective and mission of providing personalized attention to our clients.” – Attorney John Colvin

The Evans Law Firm (Austin, TX)

The law firm’s existing website had several significant problems, primarily functional issues that kept the site from being both user friendly and search engine friendly. With these two challenges in focus, Gladiator Law Marketing implemented a custom solution for The Evans Law Firm that maximized both UX (user experience) and SEO. A non-traditional, three-column layout allowed maximum screen utilization and dynamic menus as the user navigates through the site’s structure. The firm’s new, mobile-friendly design allows them to reach a valuable audience of potential clients that was inaccessible with their prior design.

“From my first conversation with them I felt that they had my firm’s best interests in mind and that we were working as a team. The website they designed for me reflects my personality and my desires as far as the online image I want to portray. I am very happy to be associated with Gladiator.” – Attorney Chip Evans

Feroleto Law (Buffalo, NY)

Feroleto Law needed a new website to reflect the dynamic growth of the law firm. Not only did the firm wish to implement current best practices – including a new back-end system, responsive programming and information architecture – but they had new attorneys, case results and content materials to showcase. Gladiator Law Marketing partnered closely with the firm to ensure the design and functionality was built around their needs and tailored to the personality of the firm. Since launch, the firm has benefited from double-digit growth in Visit Duration, Pages Per Visit and Overall BounceRate for the site.

“The Gladiator team is great to work with; they are responsive, patient and do great work. I appreciate Lisa’s wisdom and deep experience in design, and advice on search engine optimization!” – Attorney John Feroleto

Law Offices of Roger Weinberg (Baltimore, MD)

A highly specialized practice needed nothing less than a highly customized website design. Exclusively targeting patient safety concerns in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and group homes, the most effective marketing strategy for the firm was to focus on education and information dissemination. Zeroing in on a well defined demographic, the design process was wrapped entirely around the potential claimants. Color palette selection, typography application, photography, and a page layout structured to accommodate a wide array of content were combined with tightly crafted messaging to maximize user engagement.

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