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AI Web Design for Law Firms

I Hear AI Can Design and Build My Website – Is that True?

As artificial intelligence continues to expand its capabilities and bandwidth, more and more human-driven industries and practices are set to see their roles and functions impacted or improved upon. In fact, AI is expanding at such a rate that criticism levied at its capabilities can be rendered redundant in a matter of months. One of the first disciplines to see an AI impact was the field of design as a whole – especially website design. Platforms like DALL.E and Midjourney offer...

Best Mobile Designs for Lawyers

According to DataReportal’s April 2023 Global Statshot Report, internet users globally now spend 57% of their online time on mobile. So, when you post a piece of content on your law firm website, just over half the people who consume it will do so on their phones or tablets, rather than their laptops or desktops. You may not realize it, but there are specific considerations you need to keep in mind when it comes to your mobile site. If you ignore them, both your search engine...

Attorney Web Design Usability

Core Web Vitals for Law Firms

You may have heard of “core web vitals,” but most busy lawyers don’t have time to do a deep dive into the finer points of technology and website construction.  So here’s a primer on Core Web Vitals for law firms that we hope provides an executive summary. Core Web Vitals are related to back-end programming and design – the real nitty-gritty of website construction.  Google says Core Web Vitals are really important, so disregard at your own peril. What are Core...

7 Tips for Creating an Exceptional Law Firm Website

7 Tips for Creating an Exceptional Law Firm Website

Every law firm wants a stand-out website that gives them a competitive edge. But with so many law firms in your market – not to mention the huge national firms – how do you ensure that your website and online marketing efforts cut through the noise and gain visibility? Here are 7 tips for creating an exceptional law firm website that can help drive online traffic and increase click-through rates. Focus on:   Strong Design Effective SEO Compelling Conte...


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