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AI Web Design for Law Firms

I Hear AI Can Design and Build My Website – Is that True?

As artificial intelligence continues to expand its capabilities and bandwidth, more and more human-driven industries and practices are set to see their roles and functions impacted or improved upon. In fact, AI is expanding at such a rate that criticism levied at its capabilities can be rendered redundant in a matter of months. One of the first disciplines to see an AI impact was the field of design as a whole – especially website design. Platforms like DALL.E and Midjourney offer...

AI Lawyer

Is AI Smarter than a Lawyer?

When it comes to the law, not many people would substitute the expertise of attorneys in favor of artificial intelligence (AI). A single mistake can be incredibly costly for clients, whether that mistake is realized in the form of inadequately drafted contracts or a failure to grasp the intricacies of a dispute. Here, the cost of a mistake can far outweigh the expense of hiring a competent lawyer. This has dissuaded many a person from opting to use AI for legal advice or as a tool for do-it-y...

AI-SEO Marketing

AI: Is SEO Dead?

The 30th of November 2022 was the day that ChatGPT had its initial release. At the time, you could not find a good marketer who was not somewhat perturbed by this release or the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). Not because it marked an end to marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) as we knew it, but because it signified a radical change on the horizon. With any significant change in the marketing environment or the introduction of a revolutionary piece of technology, the...

Law Firm Marketing Artificial Intelligence

AI and Your Law Firm Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the topic on just about every industry’s lips for the past few years. With increased innovation in this area and the introduction of profound new software, AI has transcended its buzzword status and initiated a new era of corporate possibilities. Marketing, though, is a field that has perhaps seen the most opportunities and, in turn, challenges when it comes to this new era. Marketing is broad-reaching and is applicable to jus...

AI Law Firm Content Marketing

How to Identify AI-Generated Content and Why It’s Not Beneficial for Law Firm SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of the marketing industry, revolutionizing the way companies create and distribute content. With advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), AI-generated content has become increasingly common in marketing, from product descriptions to blog posts. However, it's essential to know how to spot AI-generated content in marketing. In this blog, we'll explore how AI-generated content is created, why it's becomi...


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