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Advocating for Intellectual Honesty in the Legal Sphere With Mark Roderick

May 10, 2023   |   Written by Gladiator Law Marketing
Mark Roderick Mark RoderickMark Roderick is a Principal Partner at Lex Nova Law, a boutique law firm representing entrepreneurs and businesses. As an attorney for crowdfunding and fintech clients, Mark represents issuers, platforms, and investors nationwide and globally. He authors a crowdfunding blog to educate the crowdfunding industry on legal knowledge and speaks at conferences across the country. Mark has served as the Chair for the firm’s Corporate Law Group and the Mergers & Acquisitions Group. His extensive and diverse legal expertise enables him to offer his clients multi-faceted legal counsel.
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mark Roderick shares his beginnings in the legal industry
  • What inspired Mark to become an attorney?
  • How math has helped Mark in his legal career
  • The importance of sharing the same values in the workplace — and Mark’s experience in this environment
  • Mark talks about his crowdfunding blog

In this episode…

Why is intellectual honesty important for lawyers? By prioritizing what is morally correct over personal gain, lawyers strengthen the lawyer-client relationship and contribute to a fair and just society. Upholding the integrity of the legal profession and ensuring that justice is served depends on attorneys’ commitment to ethical principles — even when they don’t benefit from what they advocate. As a math major, Mark Roderick was exposed to the world of math proofs and abstract thinking. Realizing he desired to work with people and help solve problems in the real world, he applied to law school. Unlike other professionals in the industry, Mark has a passion for doing what is right at all times — and seeks out others who value intellectual honesty over financial gain. Respecting your integrity, both in your profession and personal life, strengthens your relationships as individuals grow to trust you have their best interest in mind. In this episode of 15 Minutes, Chad Franzen sits down with Mark Roderick, Principal Partner at Lex Nova Law, to discuss how sharing the same values impacts your work environment. Mark also talks about what inspired him to pursue a career in law, how his background in math has contributed to his career, and how he started his crowdfunding blog.

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